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What to Look for in an Online Backup for Mobile Use

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online backup for mobile use

You may lose your mobile phone, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to say goodbye to your files. Regardless of what type of phone you have, there is an option to backup your mobile files, apps, and data. Online backup for mobile use can keep your phone documents safe and easy to access. And with higher plans and services, it’s also possible to backup your entire phone, right down to its apps and configurations.

Data Backup Service for Mobile Phones

If you just prefer to do an online backup on the documents and files saved on your phone, that’s easy enough to do. With the right program, it is possible to automate the entire process of syncing the files on your phone to an online storage. There are a number of online backup providers that can do this for you. The three most popular free programs for mobile backup are:

Dropbox – compatible with iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows phones

Google Drive – compatible with iOS and Android phones

OneDrive – compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows phone

Full Backup Service for Mobile Phones

If you want to ensure that all the files and settings on your phone are safe, you may opt for a full online backup for mobile use service. You can find services for almost all mobile platforms that can store everything, including your phone apps and settings. This service saves you time, money, and energy when you decide to replace your phone. Full online backup is also an efficient way to keep sensitive data such as text messages secure.

Online Storage Considerations

Security. Your first question to an online backup provider must be “how protected are my files?” When picking a provider, look for a service that offers data encryption that makes data unreadable without a key or password. Some backup providers even have plans for a personalized encryption key which you only know. This means your data can’t be viewed by anyone else, except you. And not even your service provider can see it.

Cross-Platform Functionality. Make sure that you can access your backup mobile data from your desktop. Remote access capability is crucial if your phone is lost or stolen. The cross-platform functionality will enable you to sign in to your backup service online and manage your mobile files from just about anywhere. Through this feature, you may also disconnect your lost phone from your backup account. This will avert any data in your online backup from being accessed using your lost mobile phone.

It’s important to note though that disconnecting your device will only unlink the backup set from the phone. Any data saved directly on the device itself like contacts, photos, and SMS are still at risk from hackers. If you’re worried about protecting directly stored data as well, you may opt to use an online backup service that offers the “remote wipe” capability. This function enables you to gain access to your data and erase files on your lost phone from any gadget with WiFi. You simply need to sign in to your account and block the access to your lost device before a hacker can decode the encrypted shield and use your data.

What online backup services do you use to protect data and files on your mobile? Share yours below.

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What are the Best Online Backup Apps for Mobile?

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Accidents happen. You’re probably reading this because at some point you’ve accidentally pushed a button on your phone and wiped everything out including some of your favorite selfies. Much worse, you’ve probably busted a phone before or lost it in a bathroom and you wanted to get it back only for the files you have in it. You might be able to replace your phone in a jiffy, but those wedding photos, the song you recorded at 2AM when you were bored, and that video of you doing a head spin right for the first and probably the last time, aren’t going to be included in the package.

The good news is that there are some online backup apps for mobile that you can use to secure the prized possessions you have in your phone. The reason why it’s better to opt for online storage is that creating a good backup in your laptop or desktop is useless if you have a tendency to mess those up as well. Choosing cloud storage will really leave you worry-free because you can rest assured that your files will stay happy and safe somewhere far from your naughty button-pushing fingers.

Here are some online backup apps for mobile that you might want to check out before it’s too late:


online backup apps for mobile

If you’re a sucker for free stuff, iDrive should work best for you. This service has the iDrive Basic option that gives you 5GB of free storage. That storage space should be enough if you’re just getting started on this practice.

The paid plans include iDrive Pro Personal which offers 1,000 GB ($59.50 /year) and 10,000 GB ($499.50 /year). The business class option reaches up to 12,500 GB for $2999.50 /year.

G Cloud Backup

This is another perfect backup service for freebie hunters. The idea here is that you start with a free 1GB of storage that can increase up to 8GB if you help the guys in their marketing efforts. Liking on Facebook, tweeting, and taking on other social media tasks can earn you additional storage space. That isn’t so hard if you’re always on the Internet anyway.

The paid options are at 16GB and 32GB. You can pay $32 a year for the 32 GB package, or $80 for a lifetime of storage. With this option, you might find yourself looking for treasures in your G Cloud Backup account when you hit your golden years. The yearly package is steep though compared to other online backup services.

SOS Online Backup

This is a big name in the online backup world for its unlimited storage plans. It also features external and network drive support, unlimited versioning, and a lot of other features that you probably aren’t familiar with yet but are apparently important.

The unlimited storage packages come in 1-computer and 5-computer options. SOS Personal Cloud (1) is at 79.99 /year, while the SOS Personal Cloud (5) is at $399.95 /year. The awesome news for mobile users is that these options allow unlimited backups for smartphones and tablets. They also offer a 3-year prepayment scheme that will help you save a lot of money in the long run. This is better if you don’t have plans to go cloud storage hopping in the near future.

There are a lot of other backup apps for mobile that you can check out. They’re like shampoo—almost the same—but with slight differences to fit your needs perfectly. Are you already into the cloud storage craze? Which service would you recommend?

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