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Online Backup and Recovery – What Lies Ahead

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The systematic storing, managing and backing up data is imperative for the smooth functioning of any organization. Even those organizations that are relatively small scale and operate with small number of workers and customers are also likely to generate content that can amount to terabytes, including data in the form of emails, videos, spreadsheets, images, presentations, documents and the like. This is true for autonomous individuals as well. With an average of around 30 emails a day, one spreadsheet document a day, a couple of presentations a week, a video document every alternate week, it can therefore be expected that users will generate an average of 320 megabytes a year. While a part of this content is meant for present utilization, a large part of it is meant for future use. And thus, it would not really do to lose all the data due to some unforeseen events. Thus, the need for online backup and recovery services.

Losing Data- What Does It Mean?

Organizations can find themselves at considerable risks when their data is not safely stored away. So, what are the possible risks that such a situation might pose for an organization or individual?

Recreating the work that has already been done is one of the major issues of losing data, leading to a drastic fall in productivity. This in turn leads to delays and missed sales opportunities and deadlines, and dissatisfied clients.

Loss of data also leads to more disastrous consequences. You might not be able to retrieve lost data at all, including employee and client details, record of previous work, financial data and the like.

The Traditional Mode of Backing Data and Online Data Backup Plans

There are a number of factors which act as the driving force that compels organizations and individuals to consider backing up data, including continuity of the business, theft, legal compliance and disaster recovery procedures. In the traditional scheme of things, backing up data comes equipped with a number of flaws- the process is not only tedious but also irregular with the data not being backed up regularly. And the calamitous consequence that the failure to properly back data can have is not really something that cannot be understood. These entire limitations can, however, now be overcome with the entry of cloud services into the picture. The cloud backup service that is provided by remote servers hosted on the internet has introduced ways by which not only data will remain protected but also easily retrievable, thereby, making data management a much easier task.

The Future of Cloud Backup Services

Online backup services or the cloud backup services are said to be the modish thing now. More and more number of individuals and organizations are opting for the services of cloud service providers in order to ensure that their data is stored, managed and retrieved in the best manner possible. So, what are the possible advantages of using the system?

Data protection ensured – In the cloud backup system, the data is constantly and automatically updated, migrated and stored, thereby, ensuring that it is protected in the best manner possible. The system also incorporates the storing of data in two separate remote locations. This definitely proves to be advantageous because in the case of users being unable to access data at one particular site, they are always free to access it from the other site.

Improved employee productivity – Cloud services also proves to be quite handy when it comes to increasing employee productivity. For instance, an employee can easily retrieve a work left mid way and complete it from anywhere that has access to the internet. They are also not required to replicate content when it gets lost.

Cost effective – Internal or “on-premise” backup can prove to be quite expensive as it incorporates the cost that goes into the purchase of various hardware and software requirements. Cloud backup services prove to be quite cost effective on this ground.

Corporate accountability becomes easier to satisfy – By availing the online backup services, organizations make sure that crucial business data and other relevant data are stored, processed, managed and protected in the right way. This ensures that the organization can easily satisfy the regulatory, legal and corporate obligations as and when required.