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What are the Perks of the New Google Cloud Storage Nearline?

Google has always been one of the frontrunners when it comes to digital technology. Ever since the company created their search engine in 1998, they have continuously developed new products that help people go digital. Now, one of their latest products, Google Cloud Storage Nearline, has been moved to general availability for consumers. This offer created quite a buzz for organizations and users who need cloud storage.

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The primary objective of Google Nearline is to offer companies and organizations with a straightforward and low-cost storage service that can quickly backup their data online. After what the company achieved in creating this service, they have taken it one step further. Google is also releasing Cloud Transfer Service, On-Demand I/O, and Switch to Save program.

Cloud Storage Transfer Service

Previously known as Online Cloud Import, the new Cloud Storage Transfer Service allows the seamless import of large amounts of records from HTTP/HTTPS sites. It also permits one-time configuration of data migrations as well as schedule data transfers on a recurring basis. Furthermore, it has a lifecycle management function which includes preset archival to Nearline and programmed deletions.

On-Demand I/O

Google is introducing on-demand I/O which allows the user to increase I/O so that they can retrieve data faster from the Nearline. In other words, a user can now access their data within seconds. The best part is that for the first three months after the launch, this service is for free.

Switch and Save Program

troductory program allows users to receive up to 100PB of Nearline data storage for free for six months. This will allow the user to easily switch from other cloud service providers while significantly reducing costs.

With these three new functions, Google Nearline allows a more seamless transition from a previous storage a new one. The main question here is this: what can a user get from Nearline that he can’t enjoy from other online backup services?

Here are the top five answers:

  1. Fast Performance – all the benefits of cold storage plus enabling 3-second response times for retrieval of data.
  2. Cost – pricing is at 1c per GB data at best.
  3. Security – Google makes use of multiple, redundant physical locations of data to improve the security of all data stored in their systems.
  4. Integration – Much like other services of Google, Nearline is integrated with other services.
  5. Simple – no new programming models are required in order to make use of this online backup system.

All in all, Google Nearline offers an uncomplicated, user-friendly system that is still very much reliable. It offers a lot of functionalities to make the transfer seamless so companies can start using it immediately. At the same time, it’s designed to be adaptable to the current system already in place. Best of all, the price for this online backup system is quite cheap. With all those benefits, it is no surprise why a lot of organizations got excited about Google Nearline becoming available for general public.

Do you plan on using Google Nearline now? Share your thoughts below.