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Why is an Online Backup Tool Better than a Local Backup?

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With backups, you have two primary options: an online backup tool or a local backup plan. The former means storing your online files to a remote server. The latter means making backups on external drives you must keep nearby. Most tech experts recommend using both, but many still favor the online choice. Here’s why.

Main Benefit of an Online Backup Tool

The key advantage of online backup is how files are stored off-site, far from your home or office. Providers keep data in an enterprise-grade, secure center. This means, your data will be far from disasters or mishaps that may occur. Also, your files are protected from theft, along with other setbacks like hardware viruses.

Other Key Benefits of Online Backup

Storing your files online can lessen congestion in your inbox. Instead of sending a large file via email, you can store the file online and share the download link. This is particularly handy for business interactions.

Most online backup services let teams or collaborators work on tasks in real time. This is possible even if they are physically located in different parts of the world. This is ideal for students and employees. They can collaborate on a project at once, rather than mailing revisions repeatedly. This advantage saves time, energy, and resources.

Also, every consumer-based online backup tool often offers 10 to 15 gigabytes of storage at no cost. For most users, this is ample space. You can even create multiple accounts, which makes it easy to triple your given storage. You can also buy corporate plans if that’s the service you need.

A Simple Reminder

Keep in mind, a local backup plan is a more sensible choice if you have a slow and/or metered internet connection. A fast connection is still necessary to successfully upload and download your data.

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