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What are Some Tips to Manage a PPC and SEO Budget?

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If you’re an internet marketer, you’ve probably spent considerable time debating between PPC and SEO. In terms of results, PPC is instant and can abruptly change while SEO is delayed gratification with long-term results.

If your budget for marketing is tight, choosing one over the other requires a serious budget strategy. Choose which one is better than the other for your product or service. Fortunately, there are options on how you can fit both forms of internet marketing into your limited budget.

You need to be creative to have a doable marketing budget for PPC and SEO. Here are tips on how to proceed.

1. Have a complete understanding of your industry.

Some ad campaigns are better with Search Engine Optimization while others are more suited for Pay-Per-Click strategy. It all depends on three pressure points:

* The message your website is trying to convey to your target market.

* The marketing budget you can spare for the campaign.

* The pulse of your competitors.

If you’re part of an industry where there are far more established authorities, SEO is a better choice for your ad campaign. Prioritize it over PPC when charting your budget.

If you’re part of an industry with a mature market, PPC over SEO is more suited as the former drives visitors quickly to your website. Furthermore, PPC advertising can help you pinpoint the best keywords for your product or service you can use for SEO later on.

2. Start with the basics.

Google adopts the “wait and see” strategy for brand-new websites. This is because most new sites get abandoned almost instantaneously. Some are also turned into spam websites. With this in mind, kick off your new website/campaign with SEO to build a solid brand reputation. At this stage, focus your marketing budget on Search Engine Optimization.

When the website garners a following and an organic traffic grows, put the bulk of your marketing budget to PPC. This is the phase where potential consumers click on your website, which turns a potential buy into a real one.

3. Remarket your campaigns.

Even if you’re skilled in handling PPC and SEO strategies, not all site visitors will buy your product or acquire your service. Most first-time buyers are lurkers on the site. It’s important that you make your presence known to your target audience. Do this with subtlety since no one wants to be bombarded by a marketer.

Remarketing your campaign also requires adjusting it to make it more suitable for the situation. There are outside factors to consider like new target audience, the current situation on your niche, and the overall global market.

Boost your PPC and SEO ad strategies at the right time to get the attention of potential customers. For instance, if you offer car services, hit up your target audience about car maintenance every six months.

To put these tips into action, run a short PPC campaign. This is for you to pinpoint the keywords suited to your product or service that convert and validate your ad strategy. Then use the identified keywords to strategize your SEO campaign.

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