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Optimize Your PPC Campaign for Phone Calls

You’ve set up the PPC campaign successfully. Your target market got interested in your brand. Online users are visiting your site, reading your posts, and clicking your ads. You’ve set it all up, thinking the campaign has done its job with flying colors. This is until you realize that the users you’ve converted aren’t actually buying. To all intents and purposes, what you thought was a fruitful campaign is actually a half-baked one.

This is the problem for many industries in this driven, mobile-first, pay-per-click world. They invest in a PPC campaign and even when conversions happen, they don’t get the result they need. Fortunately, there’s a solution for this problem. Optimize the PPC campaign for phone calls. Here’s how you do it.

Use inbound calls.

Inbound phone calls generate a valuable return on ad spend since there is an actual connection with a potential customer who can be:

* Interested in your product or service at the moment.

* Ecstatic to speak with you right now.

* Encouraged to make a purchase.

* Persuaded to try your product by handling their objection well.

Speaking with a potential customer to discuss any variables can easily push a conversion into a real sale. This is a lot better than waiting for the filled-up form of a potential customer through an email.

To make inbound calls more credible, you can:

* Use call extensions, which will show your number directly from the Google search engine result page.

* Put a click-to-call option beside your number on your landing page.

* Make the call-to-action about a phone call to you so you can provide the product or service they need.

Maximizing your PPC campaign through phone calls will give you an edge over your competition. Putting your business number online gives you more credibility than companies who don’t. To make your campaign a success, you need to make the most out of these kinds of advantages.