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Hard Drive Failure Rates

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The website Lifehacker recently reported on a study about hard drive failure rates. They revealed an average of how long hard drives can last. Of course, some last longer than others, but with these numbers, you have a better idea of how long it takes for them to crash and burn.

Most of the hard drives analyzed in the study reported were consumer grade. The first year and a half, there was a failure rate of 5.1%. After a year and a half, it seems as though the failure rate drops to about 1.4% a year. After three years though, the failure rate rises to 11.8%.

The average lifespan of hard drives is four years. However, about 20% of them do not last that long.

Takeaways from this Data

It’s likely you will lose your data from a hard drive failure in the first year and a half you own your computer or after the third year. If you’re in your second year of using your computer, you’ve been lucky to not experience a hard drive failure. But it’s time to think about that increase in chance of experiencing one. You only have a short time before the chances of it failing increases.

It Doesn’t Matter How Much You Use Your Hard Drive

It doesn’t matter if you only use your computer once a day or a week. The hard drive doesn’t die sooner or later depending on use. As soon as the computer is manufactured the hard drives begins to age. So don’t tell yourself that you hardly ever use your computer, so you don’t have anything to worry about. You have just as much to worry about as someone who uses their computer every single day.

How to Protect Your Data

The best way to protect yourself from dealing with the aftermath of hard drive failure is by backing up your data. Once you backup your data online, you will have nothing to worry about if your hard drive fails. You can simply purchase a new computer and restore all of the files from the server back to your computer.

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