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What is the Deal with DropBox vs Google Drive?

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DropBox vs Google DriveWith cloud storage becoming more and more popular every day, it is no wonder why more companies are getting in on the bandwagon and coming up with their own cloud storage services. Now, there are tons of cloud storage services out there but the fact of the matter is if you want the best experience then you have to look for the best providers out there. Two of the biggest names in cloud storage are Google Drive and DropBox and if you are looking to try some free cloud storage for the first time, you can choose between these two.

Choosing between the two services can be a harrowing experience. However, below is a simple comparison of the two that should make it easier for you to make a decision.

DropBox vs Google Drive

Storage Space for Price – When you sign up for the DropBox free plan, you get 2GB storage free and when you sign up with Google Drive, you get 5GB of space for free. However, it is very easy to expand your DropBox storage space and they even show you how. When it comes to paid plans, you can get a DropBox Pro Plan for $9.99 a month and get 100GB of space. On the other hand, you have Google Drive that offers 25GB of space at just $2.49 a month and 100GB for $4.99. Price-wise, it is easy to see that Google Drive is the winner here.

Desktop Client – Both companies offer similar clients for desktop and both clients allow you to see and access your files. One problem with Google Drive though is that you can only access your documents by using Google Docs.  The program works well in offline mode, and people who work with MS Word files would have to export their documents so they can be opened. It has to be said that in this instance, the clear winner is DropBox since it offers much more flexibility with files.

Web Client – This is one aspect where Google Drive takes the cake. It features a whole suite of apps that includes PicMonkey, Spreadsheets, Docusign, and Docs. It also makes use of the powerful Google Search tool that makes it easy for users to search for specific words or images and files amongst everything they have stored in the drive. DropBox also offers an advanced search function but it is nowhere near as robust as what is being offered by Google Drive. It goes without saying that Google Drive wins this round simply because it has so much to offer its users.

Sharing – This is one aspect of cloud storage that people really like so how do these two measure up? DropBox allows you to share via a link and a shared folder. Google Drive has a more limited way of sharing and it can be somewhat confusing. In short, DropBox is the winner as it has a more streamlined way of sharing files.

Both cloud storage services have their own sets of pros and cons but the bottom line is they are both good for newbies to cloud storage. Have you ever tried Google Drive or DropBox before? Which do you think is better?

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