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What are the Limitations of a Free Online Backup Service?

If you have important files online, you need an online backup service. Backing up personal or corporate files through the cloud provides a layer of safety assurance to your documents. So even if an unfortunate event happens, like a calamity or a freak accident, the files are out of danger.

The great thing about online backup service these days is its varying options. There are hundreds of online backup and cloud providers ready to serve you. Most offer a free backup service plan. If you’re an average Internet user, the free backup may suit your needs. Otherwise, a paid backup service is a better choice.

Most backup providers offer free storage space for their clients. Many users take advantage of this service. However, there are restrictions with this freebie, such as:

1. Limited storage space.

When it comes to an online backup service, “free” is not synonymous to “unlimited.” The average range of a free backup plan is between 1GB and 5GB of storage space. If you only have text files and documents to save and store, 5G is already an enormous amount of space. However, if you have a multitude of multimedia files to save, 5GB is not enough.

2. Slower backup process.

Although this doesn’t happen all the time, sometimes, free online backup service is not as efficient as paid ones. From a business point of view, you can’t blame the backup provider for this. Business hierarchy dictates that a paid product or service ranks higher than a freebie.

3. Practically restricted to personal use.

If you want an online backup service for your business, a free service may not always suffice. This is particularly true if you already have a medium-sized company. For smaller and startup ones, a free backup service may be enough. Otherwise, you need to carve up a budget for a paid online back solution.

A free backup service online is a good deal if you have little to save and store.