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Is Free Web Hosting Really Free

is free web hosting really freeIn a world where everything seems to have skyrocketing prices and where nothing is free, you may be tempted to ask: “Is free web hosting really free?”

The simple answer to this question is that yes, there really are companies which offer free web hosting services and allow you to establish a website online which users from all over the world can access. The greatest come-on that they have is that they are “free,” and that alone is enough to entice start-up businesses and the likes to go for these services instead.

There are, however, setbacks when it comes to going for free web hosting services, which is why a lot of people tend to ask, “Is free web hosting really free?” when considering their options on having a website. Here are some of the most common setbacks when going for free vs. paid web hosting services:

Limited features – There are sometimes limited features which restrict how your overall website would look. Some allow only certain file types or sizes and this can affect the quality of the media you share.

Bandwidth limit – Some have limited bandwidth which affects how many people can visit your page on a given day or month. If you are expecting to have more traffic, this setback isn’t good for you. Some providers of web hosting services can expand your bandwidth limit—but at an additional cost. Of course, they are initially free, but upgrading will ultimately make their services much like paid web hosting. You can always just try to stay within the bandwidth limit they offer, but this negatively affects the growth of your website.

Advertisements – This is how free web hosting companies get their funds to run their business. They will post advertisements on your website and they can earn from every click that your website visitors give for those links. Purchases from your website also help them too.

Upgrades – When you are no longer contented with just the basic plan for web hosting services they offer, you will be offered upgrades—paid upgrades to give you more functionality for your website. This isn’t always true for all providers of free web hosting, but there are those who offer this when their clients decide they would like to continue using their services but with extra features.

Should You Go for Free Web hosting Services?

There is no harm in free web hosting services, and it is true that those that say they are free really are free. What changes the game is when upgrades come in and when you realize you need more than just what their free services have to offer. The saying that nothing in this world comes for free applies to them too, and although you can use their services for free for a while, you will have to consider expanding as you progress in the business as well.

Have you had personal experiences when it comes to using free web hosting? Share your stories in the comments below!

How to Maximize Free Web Hosting

For anyone who wants to make their presence felt online through their own website, there’s free hosting to the rescue. Free web hosting allows interested individuals or businesses to make their website viewable by anyone accessing the World Wide Web. For those who would like to maximize this opportunity, here are some tips to follow.

Making the Most Out of Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting Just because it’s free doesn’t mean you can slack around and wait for miracles to happen! You can maximize the potential of your free web hosting by using it as an extension of yourself or your business. For business owners in particular, starting out online using a free web hosting service can give them the knowledge they need on how to get noticed online.

When you go for a free hosting service, you will have to deal with the advertisements that your web hosting provider puts on your page so that they can get income. For starters, this may seem like a bothersome thing, but there are ways to work around this.

You can choose a layout which is nonintrusive, and the advertisements will only be displayed on the areas where you choose them to be displayed. While you cannot entirely delete them as this is part of the “deal” to be hosted online for free, you can still have an attractive page that people would come back to.

Getting Noticed Online

With the different anti-spam methods to weed out bad website with irrelevant content, making good use of your online page through proper online marketing strategies is a must. This involves having SEO content. SEO means search engine optimization and by having fresh and interesting content, you will gain steady traffic. Your authentic content about what you have to offer will make your readers come back for more—regardless of some otherwise irksome ads which may be posted on your free hosted page.

Apart from the written content, you must also have other interesting media such as videos and infographics. When you have your website content in place, make sure you enable social media sharing buttons and widgets on your website so that your readers can spread the word about you.

Constantly update your website. As much as possible, keep your posts interesting and have new information at least on a weekly basis. When you update more often, you get higher chances of getting traffic as well.

To maximize the performance of your website and make for an overall appealing browsing experience, make sure you have an aesthetically pleasing theme which screams you and your product and services. Integrate your logo and company colors—this helps you achieve online branding as well!

Have more than 3 pages on your website because those with less than three pages are not deemed competitive by both servers and consumers. Make sure your pages have a centralized thought which will entice your visitors to know more about you as well. Upload good quality images and videos as these also increase your credibility by showing you are mindful of the media you share.

You will get positively noticed even when you use a free hosting service when you follow these tips!

Is Free Web Hosting For You?

free web hosting

Web hosting is one of the most important functions in today’s technology. Basically, web hosting keeps a website up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With operations running 24/7, you need the ability to monitor everything that happens on a website all the time in the same way that you would be able to stay on top of things for every small issue that occurs. You also need special equipment running the entire time you are operational, such as web servers and the like. Not to mention the fact that you need a skilled workforce to be able to cover all 24 hours in a day. The members of your team would need knowledge in managing and configuring web servers, as well as additional skills such as patch management and virus protection.

Simply put, web hosting is not a task that you can do alone. This is something that is often left for experts to do as web hosting providers would have the necessary manpower and equipment required to do the job.

Free Web Hosting

As expected for a service this complicated, there’s a cost to have it. The price would depend on how wide the scope of the provider’s services would be. For bigger websites that cater to a bigger audience, it would of course be expected that the costs would also be higher. For small scale pages however, there are more cost-effective services that would fit your budget better.

Some web hosting providers actually offer free hosting for interested clients. Of course, it is to be expected that free service also comes with less inclusions in the package as compared to paid services.

Confused if you’re better off with a paid service? Let’s go through this checklist:

1)  Are you looking to have a simple blog or a very small scale website hosted? Usually, websites this small do not bring back any profit just yet, nor will it require a lot of extra services from the service provider. If the project will not require the fancy stuff that usually comes with a paid web hosting service, then might as well cut back on costs and go for free web hosting services instead.

2)  Are you thinking twice about the quality of service that the provider will be giving? Those who want to be extra careful in choosing where their investment goes could use free services as well. This is the perfect opportunity to test the quality of service that a provider gives without running up additional costs. After all, most free hosting providers offer their clients the opportunity to easily upgrade their free services to paid packages. So you can make the decision to go for the paid bundle once you are convinced that they can provide what you need.

Free web hosting may not be for everyone, but it sure opens up a lot of opportunities for the ones who could use it. With the option to cut down on costs in getting basic services, going for free hosting may just be the best solution for your website issues.