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How to Maximize the Use of Free Cloud Storage

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free cloud storageThey say nothing in this world comes for free. However, there exists free cloud storage which you can use for both business and personal purposes, depending on your needs. The cloud is changing the way people manage, store, retrieve, and share their files. Because of this, cloud service providers come up with free offers with the hopes to entice more users to use their services instead of those provided by other cloud storage providers.

If you are one of the people who have been using free cloud storage, you will notice that one of the main differences that it has when compared to paid cloud services is the amount of storage space you are given. Depending on your needs, the space given for free users can be enough, but what if you find that you need more storage space but you can’t really pay for more? Here are some tips on how you can maximize the use of free cloud storage so that you can enjoy the services that they offer for free!

Compress your files – Instead of just storing your files as they are, save them in a compressed file. You can compress your files individually or save them all in a single folder which you can compress as a single file.

– Store only the most important onesMake sure you have the most important files stored and prioritize the ones which need to be backed up. Instead of wasting space on files which you can do without, use your space wisely by having only the files you know you cannot afford to lose—may it be for personal or business purposes.

Purge every once in a while – Say you haven’t used your online storage in a while and you haven’t accessed your files. You can check which ones are outdated and those which you no longer use. If you have resigned from your previous company and still have some files from your previous work, you can clear it out when you know you will no longer be using it. For photos, if you have a separate album containing the same photos in a certain social network or somewhere else, you may consider freeing up your online storage space and remove multiple copies of the same files.

Invite friends to use the service – Some free cloud storage providers offer the option of getting additional free space if you can encourage a number of other people to use their services. You can take advantage of this offer by sending invitations to your friends who you know would also enjoy being able to store their files online. When you complete the required number of people, you will be rewarded with free space that you can use for your own purposes!

Your free online storage doesn’t have to feel minimal if you know how to use it wisely. Also, there are ways on how you can have even more online space for free! Try out these tips and you’ll be surprised with what you can achieve!

Do you have any other tips you would like to share to maximize the use of cloud storage? Share them below!

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What are the Pros and Cons of Free Cloud Storage?

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free cloud storageThe internet has changed a lot of things for today’s society. It had made even storage more convenient for individuals or business owners because there is now free cloud storage available for everyone. Depending on the needs of the user, one can opt for either free or paid cloud storage. A lot of people however, go for free cloud storage mainly because it is free, and it usually functions as effectively as paid cloud storage does. There are some pros and cons of using free online storage though, and depending on the purpose as well as the demands of the users, free cloud storage can be something they may or may not fully enjoy.

The Pros of Free Cloud Storage

It’s free – This is pretty much a given, but its being free is a huge help to those who are trying to save up on storage costs. Some small businesses which have some files to keep even have extra storage space which makes use of utilities. By saving these into digital copies through a free online storage provider, a business can save costs which would usually go into maintaining that storage room.

It’s ideal for saving files for recordkeeping or backup – Say you still prefer having hard copies of documents. Using online storage which comes for free serves as a great backup should some accident ever happen to your copies. Think of it as a method of risk management concerning your important files.

It’s easily accessible – Even when you’re out of the workplace and you need access to some records, you can easily do so when you have cloud storage.

The Cons of Free Cloud Storage

Storage limit – There is usually a storage limit from free storage providers, and these range from 2GB to 5GB depending on what they offer. Some even have deals where if you are able to invite an X number of people to use their services, you can get an upgrade. Because of the storage limit, free storage is ideal for those who only have a few files to save, and not those which have extensive digital information on hand.

Security – Even free storage has security, but it is said that since it is free, there are certain loopholes which make it more prone to external attacks. Because of this, free storage is only ideal for those who do not have private files about clients or those that does not have sensitive information should there ever be security threats that will affect the files.

Dependent on the Internet – You cannot access your files if you do not have access to the Internet, and for some, this poses quite an inconvenience. Though there are workarounds to this problem, this is one of the cons of having all your files stored online. If your connection has problems, you won’t be able to access your files at all.

Consider these pros and cons before choosing which kind of cloud storage would be most beneficial for you. Have you had positive or negative experiences from free cloud storage? Share them in the comments section, we’d love to hear about them!

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Which Free Cloud Storage Providers Should You Choose?

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free cloud storage providersThe use of cloud storage is spreading like wildfire these days what with more and more services popping each and every day. Whether you have important files and photos to store or if you just want a way to access your files across all devices, there is no denying that the cloud is more than up to the task of doing so.

That said the immense number of cloud services that are available these days can make it confusing for beginners to choose the service that is right for them. Sure, it helps that there is a lot to choose from but it can also be confusing especially if you do not know the first thing about choosing a cloud service. Just like anything else, there are good cloud services and then there are bad ones. Here is a list of the best free cloud storage providers and what they can offer you:

Google Drive – This service was released just two years ago in April 2012. Many people have debated on whether to make the move or just stick to their old cloud services. But one way to know for sure is for you to answer this question: are you an avid user of Google products? If the answer is “yes” then this is the service for you since it automatically integrates all of your Google accounts.  You can get free storage of up to 5GB but if that is not enough, you may also pay $29.88 per year for 20GB or $59.00 for 100GB.

Dropbox – This has got to be one of the most popular cloud storage services ever and it is all thanks to its intuitive design and simplicity.  You can do a lot of things with the use of Dropbox and this includes sharing files with the public and inviting friends over Facebook to share files. Signing up for a Dropbox account is free and you get an initial 2GB of storage space. If that is too small for you, fret not because you can expand your free space to up to 18GB. However, you can get 50GB instantly by paying $99 per year or 100GB for $199 a year.

Apple iCloud – For those that are already using Apple devices and using the recent iOS version, you would have probably gotten a request to set up your account on iCloud. Just like the Google cloud service, this iCloud is deeply integrated into the iOS and its functions. When you sign up for this, you can even get iTunes for free. When signing up for the iCloud you get 5GB of space for free. Paid accounts cost $40 per year for 20BG and $100 per year for 50GB.

Microsoft SkyDrive – Not a fan of Apple? Not a problem! You can still make use of the Microsoft SkyDrive. This cloud service allows you to access remote file as well as create documents using MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  It also lets you share files and edit them when needed. You can get a free account that comes with 7GB of storage or you can pay $10 per year for 20GB and $50 for 100GB.

Do these services make you rethink your current Cloud Service? Share your thoughts below.

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Why Pay When There is Free Cloud Storage?

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free cloud storageThe online world offers a plethora of choices when it comes to products, services, and whatnots. Because of this, there are paid and free versions of online services as well. For businesses which want to make the most out of the technological advancements available today, becoming cost-efficient while getting the most that they can from a service provider is a must.

Cloud Storage for Businesses

Cloud storage for businesses is one of the many ways that businesses nowadays are advancing. This makes use of remote servers where digital information can be stored for reference or sharing. Anything that the business does which is saved into cloud storage services can be viewed and accessed by anyone who is authorized as long as they have access to the Internet. This makes it a convenient way to update and sync files especially when last minute changes need to be made but employees have already gone home.

Free cloud storage is something that businesses may choose to go for because you don’t have to pay for extra services. Cloud storage also eliminates the need for stacks of paper records or hard copies that occupy space and need maintenance. Since cloud storage is a great way to maximize space used for the business itself and not have to dedicate a whole room for paperwork, it is beneficial in the sense that the business space is used for productivity instead of storing files only.

Who Should Use Free Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage allows several authorized people to view, edit, and share the files to other individuals. Sharing files stored in the cloud makes it possible for businesses to expand—by allowing potential business partners from far locations to see some of the information which is necessary for business transactions.

Free cloud storage is beneficial for those who keep files which are generally not sensitive in nature. For personal use, free storage is better than the paid ones since it also offers a good amount of security for private files like photos, videos, and documents.

For businesses however that have more sensitive information such as folder after folder of client files and business records, paid cloud storage may offer additional privacy and security features that free storage does not have. While both are generally secure, the additional layer of security that paid storage offers will benefit bigger businesses. Usually, paid cloud storage service providers also offer bigger space compared to free ones, so those who have a lot of information to store would benefit from this kind of service.

To Pay or Not to Pay?

Basically, the answer to this would depend on how much you are willing to spend, how many files you need to store, and how sensitive the information you have is. Usually, there are varying rates when it comes to cloud storage and finding one which suits your budget is possible. For personal use, free services offer sufficient storage space, but for business and more professional needs, paid cloud storage is usually the better choice.

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What are the Best Free Cloud Storage Providers?

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best free cloud storage

Cloud storage has made it so easy to back up and have access to your files everywhere you go. This made the demand for providers higher as more users discover and enjoy the benefits of using cloud storage. If you are just starting to acquaint yourself with this technology, start out with a free service to help you learn more about the ins and outs of the service. Here are some of the best free cloud storage services that you can start with:

Dropbox. Dropbox was among the first popular cloud storage services, and remains to be one of the names that people rely on when they need free storage online. Initially giving you 2GB worth of free space, the different ways for users to increase their free storage is one of the primary reasons their service spread so quickly, with the promise of being awarded additional space for every friend invited to use Dropbox, plus a few other strategies. It is also available across almost every kind of operating system and device imaginable, making it easier for users to sync their files across every workstation and gadget they use.

SkyDrive / OneDrive. A lot of improvements have been made to make SkyDrive easier to use, which has brought its reputation up a few notches. Now rebranded as OneDrive, its tight integration with Windows has made file syncing more efficient, and its availability across mobile gadgets and operating systems gives easy access to files for people on the go. They give out 7GB of free storage once you sign up, with different paid options should you find the need to expand the given space.

SugarSync. SugarSync deserves to be ranked with the big names in cloud storage, mostly because of the features that come with the service. The syncing options are far more detailed compared to the other providers, and the ways to personalize the syncing process according to what fits your needs are exceptional. Although people believe that they only offer paid services, they actually have the option for a free 5GB of storage space.

Google Drive. With 5GB of free storage, Google Drive makes it easy to sync your files especially if you already have an existing Google account. The best part about Google Drive is its built-in office suite, allowing you to edit spreadsheets, documents and presentations without having to open them using the program they were created in. It also makes it easier to send files and save attachments through your Gmail account.

Box. Box is great for businesses and groups working together on a single project. With amazing options to share files and leave comments regardless of who created the file, it makes it easier to coordinate with colleagues and teammates. It also sends out notifications to members whenever a file is changed for faster tracking and updating across the team.

With the five best free cloud storage services at your fingertips, it has now become easier to back up, share and have access to your files no matter where you are.

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