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How Many Email Addresses Should You Manage to Avoid Email Security Risks?

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People usually rely on email these days to send mail since snail mail takes too slow and people love it so much that they sometimes have multiple accounts. In fact, some office workers rely on 2 to 3 email accounts which they use for different things such as work emails and personal emails. However, one thing that bears remembering is that these email accounts can be vulnerable to security threats if they are not secured and managed properly. According to some experts, it is best to have just 2-3 email accounts so you do not lose track of them in terms of security.

It is easy to become vulnerable to email security risks if you have more than 3 email accounts because you can lose track of the things you open and mails that get sent to the accounts. With phishing scams and other email security threats on the rise, it is best to learn how to protect yourself and your email accounts.

Email Security Risks – Beat Them!

email security risks

For those who have 2 to 3 email accounts, below are some tips that you might want to check out so that you do not make yourself vulnerable to risks and threats online. These are very easy steps that you should have no problems following.

Use different passwords for each account.

Yes, this can prove to be confusing but it really is for the best. You see, you do not want to use the same passwords for all three accounts because when that password of yours is leaked, then all your other accounts will be compromised as well. Do not use one password and use different numbers at the end to make them different; just use entirely different passwords that are made up of special characters (if applicable) as well as numbers. Securing your emails, especially the ones you use for work and for personal reasons is very important.

Use a SPAM filter.

SPAM mail is not only irritating but it can also be filled with scams, viruses, and other dangerous links that could compromise your computer. If you have three accounts, make sure that you use spam filter on all of them. This way, all junk mail and SPAM mail are sure to go to a special folder and you will not have to deal with any of them.

Use an email manager.

Do you know that you can now use apps to help you manage your email accounts all in one place? There are also websites that allow you to do such a thing and one shining example is mail.com and all you need to do is sign up so you can manage all your email accounts in one place. Not only does this save you time—it also gives you peace of mind knowing your email accounts are safe and sound. Plus, you do not miss out on any important emails.

That said, you can have as many accounts as you want as long as you know how to manage them and keep them from risks. How many email accounts do you have and how do you manage them all?

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