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Email Tips for Professionals

There aren’t many people out in the world today who don’t use email. Professionals are some of the most frequent users because they use it for most of their communications. They use it with employees, other organizations, branches, and more. It’s not uncommon for a professional to check his inbox to find 20 or more emails. If this sounds like you, here are some tips to handling your email better.

Check Inbox Frequently

If you keep up with the steady stream of emails coming into your inbox, it’s likely you’ll end up not being so overwhelmed. You won’t have 20 or more emails. You may only have about 5. This can be much easier to handle.

Do Something with Every Email

Looking at email and then keeping it in your inbox won’t help you. They will just sit there and accumulate to the point where you’ll feel anxiety looking at your inbox.

As you read your email, do something with each one. Put it in a folder, flag it to come back to later, or delete it, if you don’t need it.

Use Email as a Task List

If you receive requests in your email, treat your inbox as a task list. You can do this by leaving the email in the inbox and then going to each one as you work. They will all be in order by when you received them, and usually this is the order you should be doing the work.

Organize Folders Every Couple of Months

Even if you files your emails as you should, folders can get outdated and unneeded over time. Clear up your list of folders by putting the most current ones first and place older ones in a main folder. That way you’ll be able to find the folder you need quickly and easily.

Backup Emails

Everyone has deleted emails they never intended to, and many times this leads to people asking the sender to resend the email. Don’t go through that trouble. Backup your emails regularly with a secure online backup service from TAPNET. With maximum security, TAPNET provides you the ability to save all of your emails on the cloud. Whenever you delete an email, or just want to package and store email off your server or computer, you can find what you need on the cloud quickly. Simply go to the server, and there you will find every email.

With these tips, you can manage your email like a pro. You’ll be more productive and less stressed because you have a handle on the communication, so you can grow your business.

Image from Stuart Miles on FreeDigitalPhotos.net