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Email Blunders: When You Empty Your Trash by Accident

You’re organizing your email by creating folders, moving emails, deleting unnecessary ones, and then deleting the hundreds of emails from the trash bin. All of sudden, you realize that you just deleted an entire folder of very important emails from your boss. Oh no! What will you do now?

Can You Get the Emails Back?

Unless you have the email archived, it’s unlikely you won’t be able to retrieve the deleted emails. The trash bin is special in that once you delete the messages they are gone permanently.

What you could do is contact your boss to ask if he or she can create a file with all of the email correspondence you’ve had, which will allow you to import them back into your email. While it may not feel so good to confess your mess up, at least you’ll be able to refer back to what was said without having to guess and look as  though you weren’t paying attention when you leave out a detail in an email sent a month or so ago.

How to Keep It from Happening Again

You’ve learned your lesson, so now it’s time to keep it from happening again. Email archiving is the best way to safeguard your emails, so you don’t lose them forever when you delete your trash bin. Here’s how it works:

Archiving emails gets them out of your inbox, so it’s not taking up space. This is probably the reason why you decided you wanted to organize and trash your trash bin. With archiving though, you don’t have to delete anything. You simply upload the emails to the server, and they will sit there forever.

Whenever you have a problem with your email or you accidentally delete 100s of emails from your boss, all you have to do is log into the server to download all of them back to your inbox.

You don’t have to download all of them though. You can choose which ones are most important to download. For example, if you just need the last two months of emails, you can just download those. If you need just a week’s worth, then choose those. You have free reign over your emails when you archive them.

So give yourself some peace of mind when it comes to emails. Invest in email archiving today, so you don’t lose your emails tomorrow.

Never Lose Another Email Again

How many times have you lost emails? You know you received the email, but you did something with it, and it vanished somehow. To get it back, you may have to email the person who sent it. That means that person has to go into his sent folder, search for the email, and resend it. What a process!

With email archiving, you will never have to email someone to request him to forward a sent email. All you have to do is search for the email in the web portal and have it redelivered to your inbox. How convenient!

The process of archiving emails isn’t long, since this type of archiving isn’t backing up an entire mailbox file. Each message is backed up, and that gives you the ability to bring back just a few messages when you need them. .

By archiving email messages, you can free up space on your computer. Archiving is the process of removing them from its original place and placing it somewhere else for storage. In this case, the emails will reside on a web portal for easy access whenever you need them.

Everyone could use some email archiving, especially since there is no software to install and the setup only takes a few minutes. Learn more about email archiving service through TAPNET, so you don’t ever lose another email again.