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Protect and Secure Your Email

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email security tips

Email accounts are important in the worldwide web. Today, a lot of people stay connected and in the know through social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter among others. Usually, these websites require users to have a valid email account upon registration. Email security tips are essential to help protect not just your email account but your social media accounts as well. Because of the risks that some websites encounter, your email security may be compromised. Avoid getting hacked or having viruses in your hardware by following these security tips for your email:

Do not use shared computers – When you need to login to a public computer, never login an account that holds utmost importance to you. Logging in to shared computers will leave your data in it. However, if circumstances arise and you are left with no choice, always make sure to clear the recent browsing history including the cookies, cache and passwords before you leave.

Email password should be strong – Never use a password that is easy to guess. Refrain from using words that people usually use or are too familiar with. Try creating a password with 10 – 15 characters long and holds meaning to you. This way, your password is strong and you can’t forget about it too.

Connect using secured internet connections – Wired connections at home or office should be OK but you must be careful in logging into your accounts in an office setting. There might be someone in your workplace that could be monitoring internet traffic.

Scan email attachments – It is important to scan all email attachments before you download and open them. Viruses and spyware can spread easily using email attachments and they can automatically send emails to email addresses in your contact list and address books.

Never share private information – Do not give out passwords to a technical support representative, or reply to an email that asks for your account details. As much as possible do not log in your accounts using untrusted computers.

Consider BCC to email several people – this helps prevent an email address by not giving 3rd parties an access to the contact list in your account. There are many email service providers and programs that can automatically add email addresses to contact lists and address books.

Separate your email accounts – it is best that you have several email accounts for different purposes. You may sort it by having a specific email account for friends and family, another account for business purposes and some inactive or throwaway accounts that won’t cause a problem for you if ever they get hacked.

Do not save contacts in your throwaway email accounts – this way viruses and spyware cannot spread and reach the accounts of your friends, family and colleagues.

Do not save email account passwords in web browsers – if you are using a shared or public computer, never save your passwords. Always decline in saving your passwords into shared computers. Some web browsers will prompt with a pop-up and ask if you want your password remembered in the programs.

Backup your email account – regularly backing up your email account will help your email to become secured.

These email security tips will help you make sure that your accounts on the worldwide web are safe and secured.

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