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Debunking Myths About Online Backup Services

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Online backup services offer a simple and convenient way to backup your important data. You can breathe a sigh of relief in knowing your data is securely safe somewhere on the internet. Some refer this as cloud services. But there are disparaging myths about online backup services. The internet is awash with some of these myths that discourage people to jump on this cloud services wagon. Some of these myths don’t hold any water at all. This article offers an insightful approach in trying to neutralize some of these baseless beliefs. Here are a few points to debunk these myths:

Online backup services are expensive

The nine figure question to ask yourself is how much data is worth to you? Is it worth more than parting $5 per month? It is very unlikely that that will be the case. The $5 is the amount charged by most online backup providers for one computer. The benefits for some cloud services don’t end there, you can actually save more as some cloud services update your software automatically, something that would have cost you time and money to do it yourself.

Initial online backup services takes forever

This solely depends on the type of internet connection the client has. If you are using dial-up modem to surf the net then it will take you some time to get your files uploaded. But if you have a broad band internet connection then you are good to go! Some of the companies offering cloud services boast of even 3GB to 4GB per day upload speed.

All online backup services are the same

Due to lack of insight information about what goes about when your files get backed-up by these online backup providers many people fall for the fallacy that all online backup providers are the same. This is not true, there are very distinct  cross-over in feature differences in these cloud service providers. Some are able to help you trace lost data while others don’t. Some will offer you file sync while others offer you unlimited storage. Some replicate your data to other multiple data centers to protect your data even when their centers go up in fire, but others don’t. They simply keep your data in one secure data center. It is wise you review some of these differences before you choose the best online backup service provider for you.

One backup service is enough

Employing only one backup might sell your data down the river. Just because you have your data backed up online does not mean you cannot back them up on a local hard drive. Even the cloud service providers understand the need to have the redundant backups, so it replicates your data across other the data centers. Don’t let the false sense of security fool you.

Online backup services are not secure

When you save your data on hard drives or USBs, you have to know that such options are high risk for human error,loss or even breakages. But with online backup services, your data is encrypted and restricted in secure back up centers.