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Is Online File Backup Safe?

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With TAPNET's online back security, your data will be protected by the highest levels of security possible. With TAPNET’s online back security, your data will be protected by the highest levels of security possible.

If you’ve been reading this blog, then you probably know all the reasons why backing up your files on the cloud is a good idea. If your computer, tablet or smartphone should be damaged, lost or attacked by a virus, your files will be safe in the cloud. Additionally, backing up your files online means that you can access them from anywhere and from any device as long as you have an internet connection.

Even though you are aware of all of these benefits, you may still be hesitating to upload your files to an online cloud backup system, like TAPNET. Your concerns are understandable. It can be scary to send your files to “the cloud”. It may even seem like you are losing control of your precious files. After all, the internet is where all of those viruses come from, and where hackers lurk who may want to pry into your business management plans or your banking info.

How can you trust that your online backup system is safe?

Well, if you use TAPNET’s online backup services, then you have nothing to worry about.  We have plenty of servers, which means there’s no risk of running out of space when it comes to safely capturing all of your files and documents. Additionally, your files and data will automatically be encrypted before they are uploaded to our servers, using a 256-Bit AES military grade encryption program. Even if someone does come across your data while it is traveling to us, they won’t be able to crack our encryption!

Once your files are on our server, consider it as safe as a bank vault. No one but you is getting in, not even our employees. That’s because when you create your TAPNET account, you develop a password to gain access. No one but you has that password, and without the password no one can view your data un-encrypted.

At TAPNET, we understand how valuable your data is, which is why we take data security very safely. All these security measures are put in place so that you can rest assured that no one but you will be able to access your data if you use TAPNET’s cloud backup service.

When it comes to backing up your computer and data files, the riskiest thing you can do is nothing!

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