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How to Get Back Data You’ve Lost When Your Computer Crashes

ID-100109797 (1)Many people call us asking how to  get their data back after their computer crashes. We have the heartbreaking job of telling many of them there is no way to retrieve it. When computers crash, the data inside of them can’t always be retrieved. Major components of a computer break sometimes, and then that’s it, all of the data is gone.

What we usually tell customers that call us about retrieving data is they could have prevented this situation from occurring. We enjoy telling them about all of the benefits of online backup, and now we would like to give you the same gift.

When you have online backup, all of the data on your computer automatically uploads to an online server. So every time you make changes, the software on your computer will know, and it will go ahead and make those changes on the server.

If you computer crashes one day, you may get scared for a minute, but you’ll quickly remember all of your data is securely sitting on a server. Data recovery is quick, easy, and painless.

All you have to do is repair your computer or buy a new one. When you have the computer in your possession, simply install the software on your computer coming with the online backup membership. With a few clicks in the software, all of the data on the server will be copied to your new computer. In the process, you can also set up your computer to automatically back up just like the other one did.

If you don’t have the software, you can still retrieve all of the data. You can simply log into the server through the website URL. Once you log into your personal server site, you’ll see all of your data, and all you have to do is download anything you need. You can even download the software again, so you can sync the new computer with the server.

And that’s it! With online backup and data recovery, you can save yourself the grief of every having to deal with losing data because of a computer crash again.

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Is It Really Cheaper to Use a Computer Repair Shop?

ID-10060463Computers don’t last very long. Most will only give you three years of life, if you treat it well.

When a computer breaks, most people rush to the computer repair shop in panic mode. They want to save their computer. If the computer can’t be saved, they want to at least put it on life support, so the data can be retrieved.

Repair shops prey on the anxiety ridden people that come in. They know that people want their data and will pay any price to get it back.

Some repair shops will charge a $25 diagnostics test. This doesn’t include any repair at all. They will merely check to see if it can be repaired and if the data is retrievable.

If the computer can be repaired or the data retrieved, the technician will normally charge $100-$250 for parts plus labor, or $50-$100 for transferring data.

Did you know that a mid-quality computer costs just $350 now? Tablets have taken the computer market by storm, so the computer companies need to compete with lower prices.

Think about this:

You could take your computer to the repair shop when it breaks to pay it to be fixed, which will cost you probably $300 or more, and last you a few more months. Or, you could buy a new computer, which could last you a few years more for the same amount.

What about your data?

How easy would it be if you had all of your data backed up before your computer crashed? All you would have to do is throw your old computer into the recycling bin, and head to the store for a new one. When you get home, you could install your backup software on your new computer, and in the matter of an hour or two, have all your data back.

This sure does beat spending a ton of money and waiting a week for a repair shop to getting around to transferring everything off your lifeless computer.

As you consider what you’ll do if your computer crashes, think about the real savings you could have when you have everything you need no matter what happens to your hard drive. The peace of mind you’ll have will be priceless.

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