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What is Consumer Cloud Computing and How does the Consumer Cloud Help You?

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consumer cloud computing If you are new to the cloud, you may think that there is just one cloud and it works for everything and everyone. This is just half-true because while cloud computing technology is basically the same, you will find that most cloud service providers actually have different types of cloud services. For one, they offer an enterprise cloud which is geared more towards meeting and exceeding the needs of both big and small businesses, and regular people get the consumer cloud. Consumer cloud computing has been around for quite some time now but it was back in 2012 that it saw a massive growth in demand. After all, consumer cloud computing was made especially for everyday users and with top consumer cloud providers like Dropbox, Evernote and iCloud constantly improving and updating their services, it is no wonder people go crazy for the cloud.

Cloud Computing for Consumers

It is worth knowing that the cloud (aka the Internet) is the backend of many a consumer app. Websites like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr all store your data and files in a cloud but the consumer cloud offers services that allow you to manage and store files in the cloud. Check out the three main types of services of Cloud for Consumers below and the companies that offer them.

Online Storage – This has to be the most common way people make use of the cloud. Why not? It is extremely convenient for private users to store their files and data in the cloud so they can enjoy more space in their computers. One of the leading companies in this regard is Dropbox. It has an easy-to-use system and a great scheme for getting free space even for free account holders. This helps it stand head and shoulders above stiff competition with other service providers.

Online Sync – This is one of the more magical aspects of the Cloud for consumers because it allows them to sync information stored on the cloud across all devices. With this function, you no longer have to manually sync data and files across your computers, smart phones and tablets because the cloud will sync them for you.

Online note-taking – Online note-taking is not only convenient but it is also extremely reliable because you can easily access your notes and other snippets of information saved through different devices. When it comes to online note-taking, it has to be said that Evernote takes the lead among all other providers.

You might be using different services for different functions, but for sure, you have used one or all of these consumer cloud services in the last 6-12 months. There is just no escaping their usefulness with cloud companies constantly working to improve and add to the services they offer in the cloud for consumers. It really is worth taking note how your cloud provider is upgrading its services and figuring out even more ways that you can maximize the features they have to offer.

Do you make use of the cloud for everyday activities? Which ones do you use and what are the services you enjoy the most?

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