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How to Deal with a Compromised Cloud Storage Provider

Opting to save and store your files online is a big risk. But often, it’s a necessary one. It’s a good thing that most cloud storage providers keep a tight reign in their respective security and data protection.

But what if your cloud storage provider is compromised? What are the steps you need to take to retrieve your files? Will you need legal assistance?

Step 1: Be proactive.

The moment you start to feel that your cloud storage account is compromised is the same time you should contact your online backup provider. For your online data, being proactive can save your life. This is far from being an exaggeration. When your important documents are hacked and displayed for the public to scrutinize, it’s not just your online presence that is violated, but your real life as well. So once in doubt, alert your provider. It’s better to be tagged as an overprotective client than just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Step 2: Work with your provider.

Once your suspicion is verified, work with your cloud storage provider to identify where the breach came from, what files are comprised, and what actions to take to make your files secure once more. It’s a normal human reaction to get upset with your provider. After all, your trust has been broken. But it’s also prudent to work with them to see what must be done to stop the hack.

If the compromised files can damage your reputation (ex. nude photos) or could cause confidential corporate files to spill out, consider taking legal action against your cloud storage provider. Even if you’re still uncertain on how to proceed or if there really is a case to be made, a legal consultation can help you prioritize what needs to be done fast.

A compromised cloud storage is a personal violation you can avoid by being proactive even before the attack happens.