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How to Avoid Cloud Storage Hackers

Technically, everything online can be hacked. This includes cloud storage services. However, there are numerous steps you and your online backup provider can do to avoid storage hackers. Here are some tips on how to ensure your online data is safe and secure.

1. Choose a reputable cloud storage provider.

Online backup providers who swear that they are 100 percent impenetrable are liars. Those who guarantee they can provide 100 percent data protection are more reliable. Find a cloud storage provider that doesn’t underestimate the power of hackers by providing a more potent and solid protection against possible online invasion. Look for a provider that offers a dependable tech support that can retrieve your account in an event of storage hacking.

2. Play smart with your password.

Passwords keep you in and others out. When setting up your cloud storage account, key in a password that is strong and unique. As much as possible, choose a password far from the basic (ex. 12345678 or your birthdate). The best passwords are comprised of letters, numbers and special characters, all jumbled together. The rule of password creation is this: if it’s easy to remember, then it’s easy to guess.

3. Delete your files online if you delete them on your machine.

You can save and store all sorts of things online. This mainly includes text documents, photos, and videos. If you remove an important file kept in your cloud storage, delete it on all your devices and backup accounts. Hackers can’t trace (or will have a hard time tracing) a file if it’s expunged from all your devices and cloud accounts.

4. Avoid sharing personal data using a public Wi-Fi network.

The favorite hunting place of hackers is a public wireless network. To ensure that all your data is secure, refrain from storing personal information using public Wi-Fi.

Be vigilant and informed. This is the only way to stop hackers from invading your online space.