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What is the Best Cloud Storage for Windows 10?

cloud storage for Windows

Gone are the days where you’d save your most beloved computer files to a diskette, cd, or flash drive. Thanks to technological innovations and advancements, our storage devices have evolved from being tangible devices to cloud (and not to mention more spacious) devices. Not only can cloud devices store about any file you wish (from important work documents, to numerous selfies, your favorite music, etc.), you may also access all of your files from any of your devices – desktop, laptop, smart phone, or tablet.

If you’re looking for cloud storage for Windows, here are five great options – and they’re for free!


It may just be fitting that this cloud storage for Windows would be the first mention, since OneDrive was introduced by none other than Microsoft, makers of the Windows operating system. Upon signing up for an account, you get 15 GB free cloud storage, with a guaranteed extra 3 GB if you turn on automatic photo upload of your camera roll through the OneDrive mobile app. By just following a few simple steps, your cloud storage may also be doubled to 30 GB.

Because OneDrive and Windows have the same home in Microsoft, they are very well integrated to one another. You may easily upload files into OneDrive straight from your OS without using any other desktop sync client.

Google Drive

For the Google-savvy, Google Drive could be the best option. Similar to OneDrive, Google Drive comes with 15 GB of free cloud storage. Signing up is easy, and when you have a Gmail account, you automatically get a Google Drive account. In Google Drive, you may create folders for easy file organization. However, unlike OneDrive that you can automatically upload files to the cloud without a separate app, Google Drive requires a full blown desktop client for file syncing.


Dropbox is one of the most popular free cloud storages there are, being one of the first that came out. Upon signing up, you get 2 GB free cloud storage, which you could easily increase to 18 GB through referrals (each referral gives you an additional 500 MB). Dropbox also allows you to revert to previously saved versions of your documents, however quite limited with a free account. To use, you have to install a sync app to your computer, which is fairly easy to use.


With a promise of rock solid security and integrity, Box is perfect for businesses and enterprises. It provides safety encryption features for all information and data stored in its servers. When you sign up for a free account, you get 10 GB of cloud storage. However, the maximum file size you can upload is limited to only 250 MB.


One of the newest cloud storage devices is Mega, which offers its users a crazy 50 GB cloud storage for free. What’s great about Mega is that its main premise is to provide security for everyone’s files, so it automatically encrypts all the information you upload to your storage.

Whatever cloud storage device you prefer, rest assured the five listed above are perfectly compatible with your Windows 10 computer.

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