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What is the Importance of Cloud Storage for Universities?

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If people were made to look back at how they stored data several years back, no doubt they would wonder how in the world they survived. For one, there were the diskettes that could only store the bare minimum of data then came the CDs and DVDs that took up whole albums and a whole lot of space. There were many more storage devices used and created but if you look at them, it is plain to see that they all held a certain inconvenience especially for students since they always needed to back up their work but worry anyway that physical damage could happen to their storage devices.

This is why the creation of cloud storage has everyone who understands it in cloud 9. After all, there is nothing more convenient than having your data exactly where you need it each and every time without having to worry about losing your flash drives. All you need is access to the internet and you can have access to your data and make any revisions you want.

This leads to the question: Should there be cloud storage for universities?

Cloud Storage for Universities

storage for universitiesUniversities and students have tons of data that need storing and protecting and while some may argue that there are already existing clouds that they can use, it must be said that they are just not enough. Below are some features that need to be incorporated for special cloud storage for universities:

Calendars –

Dropbox and other cloud storage services of its ilk are fantastic, no doubt about that but they are not exactly geared for students in that they have everything that university students may need to function. For cloud storage to truly work with an academic community, it will need special features such as a calendar that the school can access and update so that students never miss a thing.

Previewing for different file types –

Some cloud storage services are very picky in that they do not allow users to view a myriad of file types. This can be very irritating for university students and staff which is why if a cloud storage service were to be built to cater to universities and students, it needs to have the ability to preview and open different file types. This will save everyone a lot of aggravation for sure.

Restore feature –

Accidents happen even on the best of cloud storage facilities but a good cloud storage app should have a fool-proof restore function that can help students retrieve their 200-page theses without jumping through hoops.

In this day and age, there really is no room for flimsy USB sticks or other storage materials that can succumb to a myriad of reasons. University students and staff stand to gain a lot with the use of the cloud and this is why universities need to adapt cloud storage that are especially made for them. As a Uni student or staff, would you gladly make the switch to cloud storage if you haven’t already?

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