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How to Explain Cloud Storage to a Newbie

explain cloud storage

Yes, cloud storage has become a truly indispensable part of every successful business’s regular operations that all the others are just itching to jump right in and join the digital revolution that it’s causing. However, a lot of people are still hesitant to take the plunge, mostly because there are still some aspects about the cloud that newbies may be confused about. If you’re one of them, look at these facts that could help explain cloud storage to you more effectively.

What does the cloud do?

To be able to fully explain cloud storage and what it does, we need to start from the basics. What is the cloud and what exactly does it do? Far from being that fluffy white thing in the sky, the cloud is made up of a network of servers, with each server having a specific function. Yes, the “cloud” is not just for storage. The cloud is also used to run different applications, or to deliver certain services.

A perfect example of the use of the cloud aside from storing files is the Adobe Creative Cloud. There was a time when you could buy an entire set called Adobe Creative Suite and have each of the programs included, like Photoshop and InDesign, downloaded and installed right into your computer. Today, that’s not how it works anymore. All you have to do is pay a monthly fee for each of the programs that you need, and you can gain access to them via the Adobe Creative Cloud. The best part? You can have access to your work no matter where you are. All the Creative Cloud needs is your login details and you can continue working on the project you were working on at home when you get to the office and log into a different computer.

What about its storage capabilities?

Storage still continues to be one of the major reasons for one to use the cloud. Imagine an actual cloud up in the sky. If you stare at it and move from one place to another, you can still see it as long as it’s there. Even if you walk a few blocks, or just a few steps, it’s still going to be there. This is how cloud storage works.

When you save a photo into your smartphone and it gets uploaded into your cloud storage, the photo can now be accessible no matter where you are and what you use. You may have taken that photo using your phone, but once it syncs with the rest of your network, you can now have access to it through your tablet, through your laptop, or through your desktop. It doesn’t even matter whether you’re in the same location or not. You could have saved it at home, but you can gain access to it in the office, or from the other side of the world on vacation.

Yes, the cloud is something that’s everywhere, making it easier to gain access to your information anytime, anywhere. This is why you don’t have to carry around that flash drive, or that floppy disk (if you could still make them work) anymore. Now, cloud storage has made it possible for you to store huge loads of information without having to take them with you everywhere you go.

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