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How Can Freelancers Benefit from Online Cloud?

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Contrary to what many believe, freelancers follow a strict schedule to get the job done. To do this, outworkers need tools to help them finish their projects on time. After all, freelancing is a business. And just like any other business, a freelancer needs to invest in the right tools to help the business grow. One of these tools is an online cloud.

Top Benefits of Cloud Services for Freelancers

Unlimited Storage Space

An online cloud is virtually an unlimited storage space. This means a freelancer can have all the space he needs to store and save important files for different tasks or projects. Some cloud services can even save an entire hard drive. This implies saving more than just .doc files, but even large ones like purchased programs, photos, and movies.

Strong, Reliable Security

Online cloud services offer at least two remote servers that store data backups. This means a freelancer has a minimum of three backups (hard drive plus two remote) for his data. It’ll take these three services to die all at once before you can consider the files lost and irretrievable. So if an unfortunate event (ex. computer crash, fire, stolen device) happens, one can still retrieve stored data online anytime.

Automatic Save

A freelancer can set up his devices to automatically save files in the cloud. This is an efficient way to secure data, especially when a deadline is looming and time is the enemy. Also, this feature guarantees that you can save all files on the dot in case of unexpected power shortage.

Work Anywhere

One of the perks freelancers enjoy is the opportunity to work from anywhere. An online cloud is a big help in this case because a freelancer doesn’t have to carry heavy hard copies or a bulky external drive to finish a project, say, from a coffee shop in the neighborhood or a beach in Southeast Asia.

With cloud services, a freelance business – like any other business – can bloom and prosper more seamlessly.

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Why are Companies Steering Clear of Managed Services?

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Managed services has become quite a huge industry in the past few years as talk about how huge the benefits are quickly spread around. More and more businesses joined in and were quite happy with the results, knowing that they were getting the same service they’re looking for at a much cheaper cost.

manages services

What do managed service providers do? They basically take over some of a business’s regular functions, tasks, and responsibilities especially when it comes to IT-related processes. How does it help? Because you have someone else doing some of the basic stuff for you, your team is left with more time to focus on the more serious projects. This also means that you won’t have to hire as much people – someone else can do the tasks that they’re supposed to be taking care of.

Despite the huge success that manages services has shown however, more companies have been shying away from the idea, and for a lot of good reasons. Here are some of them:

ROI calculation is harder. Although one of the top reasons why businesses outsource their IT functions is the fact that it could actually be more cost-effective for them, companies are finding that they are having a hard time proving this. Although their overhead expenses are relatively lower, it is actually harder to compute for ROI when taking this route, which means that they are not entirely sure if the cost savings are worth the investment.

Security risks are high.This has always been one of the reasons why people are wary of managed service providers, and it still proves to be a top threat to this day. After all, allowing third parties to do the job for you would mean letting them into your system and giving them access to information that you wouldn’t normally share to outsiders. This ushers in the risk of information and resources to be mishandled.

Control over staff or operations is compromised.Because you have people who are not exactly in your payroll doing the job for you, there is also a huge risk that you lose control of how they do the job altogether. Especially if you’re the type of manager or business owner who like getting into the smallest details of the job, having someone else managing the people working on the project means that you will not be able to do so any more.

There is less need for it.The huge advantages that come with using cloud solutions has made it harder for managed service providers to stay on top. This is because cloud services give business owners and managers more control over their own projects as compared to signing up for managed services. So the same level of efficiency is acquired, with almost the same costs.

Seeing how long manages services have been around and how much experience businesses have had with it, it is safe to say that these businesses are starting to move onto better options knowing that outsourcing their functions also has its own set of flaws. These flaws may have been something that others can overlook, but for those who have chosen to keep everything in-house, the risks are just too great for them to handle.

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What are the Best Cloud Storage Services?

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best cloud storage servicesMore and more people and businesses are relying on the cloud to store, share and collaborate. It bears noting that this sudden explosion in the number of people and businesses joining the cloud bandwagon has resulted in an equal explosion in the number of cloud storage service providers. This is why it is becoming more and more important to choose only the best cloud storage services. Whether you are looking to the cloud for personal file storage or for business use, the best cloud storage services are the ones that offer security. You can be blinded by fancy marketing and flashy colors by other cloud storage providers, but it is best to choose ones that put a premium on security.

It doesn’t matter if your cloud storage provider promises they will keep your account and information safe. You still need to make sure that you also take some necessary precautions to ensure your own security.

Take your password seriously! This might be the nth time you have heard this, but you will be surprised at how so many people take their passwords so lightly. Your password is the first line of defense against people who may want to get into your information. With 90% of passwords that can be cracked in mere seconds, you really want to not be part of the statistics. When you choose a password, mix it up with number and letters and throw in some special characters if it is allowed. You are also advised not to use the same password over and over again but if you have to, why not customize? Try something like “abcdefg5gmail” for your Gmail account and “abcdefg5skype” for your Skype account.  If you have too many passwords then you can always use a type of software that will keep all your passwords under one master password.

Choose a cloud service that is encrypted. When you look for cloud services online, you may want to look for ones that offer cloud services which are centered on providing local file encryption and decryption along with the more standard backup and storage offers. When you find such a cloud service provider, you know that they take the security of your files very seriously and they will handle the encryption of your files in your own computer and everything else in between when you are storing them in the cloud. When your files are encrypted, this means that the chances of anyone getting into them are decreased exponentially.

Do not share your passwords with anyone. This has to go without saying but you will also be surprised at how many people think it is okay to share their passwords. When you store sensitive data in the cloud, make sure that you keep your password private. If you must share the password with your team, make sure that you change it regularly.

So you see, it is not just up to the cloud service providers to keep your data secure. You also have to do your job in making sure that your files stay safe and secure.

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Online Backup and Recovery – What Lies Ahead

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online backup pic

The systematic storing, managing and backing up data is imperative for the smooth functioning of any organization. Even those organizations that are relatively small scale and operate with small number of workers and customers are also likely to generate content that can amount to terabytes, including data in the form of emails, videos, spreadsheets, images, presentations, documents and the like. This is true for autonomous individuals as well. With an average of around 30 emails a day, one spreadsheet document a day, a couple of presentations a week, a video document every alternate week, it can therefore be expected that users will generate an average of 320 megabytes a year. While a part of this content is meant for present utilization, a large part of it is meant for future use. And thus, it would not really do to lose all the data due to some unforeseen events. Thus, the need for online backup and recovery services.

Losing Data- What Does It Mean?

Organizations can find themselves at considerable risks when their data is not safely stored away. So, what are the possible risks that such a situation might pose for an organization or individual?

Recreating the work that has already been done is one of the major issues of losing data, leading to a drastic fall in productivity. This in turn leads to delays and missed sales opportunities and deadlines, and dissatisfied clients.

Loss of data also leads to more disastrous consequences. You might not be able to retrieve lost data at all, including employee and client details, record of previous work, financial data and the like.

The Traditional Mode of Backing Data and Online Data Backup Plans

There are a number of factors which act as the driving force that compels organizations and individuals to consider backing up data, including continuity of the business, theft, legal compliance and disaster recovery procedures. In the traditional scheme of things, backing up data comes equipped with a number of flaws- the process is not only tedious but also irregular with the data not being backed up regularly. And the calamitous consequence that the failure to properly back data can have is not really something that cannot be understood. These entire limitations can, however, now be overcome with the entry of cloud services into the picture. The cloud backup service that is provided by remote servers hosted on the internet has introduced ways by which not only data will remain protected but also easily retrievable, thereby, making data management a much easier task.

The Future of Cloud Backup Services

Online backup services or the cloud backup services are said to be the modish thing now. More and more number of individuals and organizations are opting for the services of cloud service providers in order to ensure that their data is stored, managed and retrieved in the best manner possible. So, what are the possible advantages of using the system?

Data protection ensured – In the cloud backup system, the data is constantly and automatically updated, migrated and stored, thereby, ensuring that it is protected in the best manner possible. The system also incorporates the storing of data in two separate remote locations. This definitely proves to be advantageous because in the case of users being unable to access data at one particular site, they are always free to access it from the other site.

Improved employee productivity – Cloud services also proves to be quite handy when it comes to increasing employee productivity. For instance, an employee can easily retrieve a work left mid way and complete it from anywhere that has access to the internet. They are also not required to replicate content when it gets lost.

Cost effective – Internal or “on-premise” backup can prove to be quite expensive as it incorporates the cost that goes into the purchase of various hardware and software requirements. Cloud backup services prove to be quite cost effective on this ground.

Corporate accountability becomes easier to satisfy – By availing the online backup services, organizations make sure that crucial business data and other relevant data are stored, processed, managed and protected in the right way. This ensures that the organization can easily satisfy the regulatory, legal and corporate obligations as and when required.

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Cloud Computing – Understanding The Concept Behind

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It has become a widely known and accepted fact that the technology has managed to take over and change man’s professional outlook, especially that of business completely. Internet and technology has completely revolutionized the way in which work is done and looked at. And cloud computing can be said to be one of the many facets of technology that is fast becoming a trend among organizations.

The Concept of Cloud Computing

The first question that the mind buzzes with here is what exactly is cloud computing? What is it all about? To put it in absolutely simple terms, one could say that it is just another variety of computing – the operating mode of which banks on the sharing of “computing resources“, instead of allowing local devices handle applications.


The concept would be easier to comprehend if one splits the term into two parts. The word “cloud” that has been clubbed with “computing” to derive the resultant phrase  can be considered a metaphorical reference to the internet, thereby, coming to mean a system of computing that uses the internet as its base – by application of various kinds of services, such as of storage, servers and applications made available to the devices of an organization by means of the internet.

How is Cloud Computing Different from Traditional IT Services?

Cloud computing is an altogether different deal from the traditional IT services. How so? In the case of traditional IT schemes, organizations are the owners of the licenses of software and hardware, with them outsourcing certain development of applications to a third person. In this case, the means of achieving the end becomes quite significant an affair , but with the progress in the field of technology, things have begun to change its course – focusing only on the output and not on the way the output is achieved. With the introduction of cloud services, the clients are now more focused not on the hardware and software used, but on the service they received and the output they produced.

Cloud backup services is no more a hypothetical concept today. There are a number of organizations offering cloud computing services. Applications are accessed via web browsers and the terms and conditions of use are monitored by “legal service agreements”.  Surprisingly, cloud backup services available on the block can now be deployed on a public scale made available by paying a certain amount of money as fees on a private scale. The most prevalent forms of cloud computing environments today are the “Infrastructure-as-a-service”, “Platform-as-a-service” and “Software-as-a-service”.

Defining  Terminologies


This is the environment which makes the “computational infrastructure” over the net along with an assortment of interfaces facilitating communication.


This is the environment which hosts platforms for the development of various applications. It makes resources readily available so that hosting of larger applications becomes easier for the organization.


This is the environment which makes the use of “business specific” software developments by third parties possible, by hosting “application specific” software.

The world is evolving differently today, nothing is constant but change. If organizations are not flexible and pliant to this call for change and advancement, then it can not expect to survive long in this era where cloud is within reach.

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Why People Choose TAPNET for Cloud Computing Services

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If you’re a business owner, it’s likely you’re looking for cloud computing for networking purposes. You want to have all of the documents your employees need in one centralized location, so they can work from wherever they have an Internet connection.

When looking for cloud computing services, you may find yourself overwhelmed by all of the possibilities. Some companies offer more than others, and some offer services for more money than others.

At TAPNET, we researched our competitors to see what it is we could do that was different, but cost effective. We came up with the best cloud computing services for companies and small business owners.

With TAPNET’s cloud storage, you can access files 24/7. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can gain access into the server to see what is there and download them to your remote computer. If you ever have a computer crash, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing everything is safe and sound on the server.

We also keep copies of deleted files. We know you want to delete files from time to time, but we also know sometimes files get deleted by accident. We want to keep these accidentally deleted files for you, so you can get them back. We give you 30 days to decide if you want them back. We figure if you don’t want them in a month, you probably really wanted to delete them.

We are 100% secure. We only use 256-Bit AES military grade encryption. What does that mean? You get the security of data storage that the government uses! When you upload your data to the online cloud, you will know no one will be able to see it except for the people you want to, such as your employees. It’s a great peace of mind to know all of your clients’ private information is safe, isn’t it?

We take great pride in our services at TAPNET. We are always researching the latest advancements in cloud computing services, and upgrading our systems accordingly. Start using our services today, so you can get your employees on board with it to make them more productive.

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