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What Cloud Storage Services Can Be Used on Webinars?

Cloud cloud storage servicesstorage services are not just used to backup important data but they’re also utilized to easily share files. This particular service of any cloud system opens a pool of opportunities for people who use the net to conduct seminars and talks. Indeed, cloud system is now used as a tool to make a webinar successful. But, how does it work?

Easy Sharing Features

By its definition, the cloud system enables a person to remotely store data. One of the best features of the cloud is its easy sharing functionality. This means that multiple people can access a shared file. A great number of businesses have been enjoying this particular benefit of the cloud storage. This same feature can be used in webinars. The organizer of the webinar can distribute additional data to the event’s participants through file sharing. He just needs to upload and store the file in his chosen cloud system, and then share the web link to the attendees. Those who receive the link can then easily download the additional data.

No Size Restrictions

Just like during seminars in an auditorium, the organizer often provides relevant literature and fun freebies to the guests. In a webinar, this practice is done as well. But since everything is done online, these add-ons are shared via the net. In the past (pre-cloud days), organizers send the additional literature through email. But because email hosting providers have size restrictions on files being sent, the webinar add-ons are often small. Or sometimes, the organizers send the literature in batches. But thanks to cloud storage services, organizers can now easily send big files and documents to webinar attendees. In fact, even sending clips of the talk is a piece of cake.

Interactive Fun

The organizer of the webinar isn’t the only one who can use cloud storage to share files with the attendees of the talk. The speaker on the web-based seminar can also use the cloud system to make the talk more interactive and fun. During the seminar, the speaker can post the link of the file to share in the comment box to the attendees in real-time. In just a couple of minutes, the file is already available for use. Of course, this can be done before the webinar starts. But if the speaker wants a lively talk with collaborations and exchanging of ideas, file sharing is an ideal way to do it. For the webinar attendees, this is just like sitting in the auditorium and seeing the speaker use visual aids to better drive his or her point.

Cloud Service Storage for Webinars

For this kind of file sharing, the organizer of the webinar may opt for free cloud services. Cloud systems like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive are often used during online seminars and conferences because:

  • They are free.
  • They are public cloud systems.
  • They are user-friendly.

It’s important that the organizer notifies the attendees about the file sharing part in advance.This way the attendees can prepare and download the particular software needed.

Have you attended a webinar that used file sharing through the cloud? Share your experience below.