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What are the New Updates in Cloud Computing?

new updates in cloud computing

With the vast amount of benefits that the cloud has brought to the world, experts continue to find ways to make cloud computing even more useful for people across different industries. No matter how extensive the services of cloud computing seem to be, more possibilities are discovered to prove that its powers are indeed limitless.

Here are some new updates in cloud computing that show several improvements that are still in place to make the cloud even more powerful and beneficial to people.

IBM Global Entrepreneur Program for Cloud Startups

Just recently, IBM announced that they will be awarding aspiring start-up companies with a $120,000 grant, and at the same time, offer them access of the wide range of services that the technology giant has under their cloud structure. This includes data transfer through Aspera, database through Cloudant, infrastructure through SoftLayer, and social analytics through Twitter. At the moment, IBM has over 143,000 companies with over 4 million developers under their cloud, making IBM one of the biggest cloud providers in terms of the range of services offered. According to Promod Haque of Norwest Ventures, IBM’s program can definitely drive collaborative cloud innovation with this initiative. This program can help magnify the rate at which cloud start-ups can market and expand their services. It makes it easier for cloud start-ups to monetise their solutions.

Cisco’s Cloud Index Study Shows Data Centres Covering Over Three Quarters of Total Workload by 2018

Cisco’s Cloud Index Study shows that by 2018, global cloud IP traffic will be a whopping 6.5 zettabytes, with 78% of workloads going through cloud data centres. The study is regularly done by Cisco to keep track of global data centers’ growth, as well as the growth of cloud-based IP traffic. With these numbers, it shows that over 2 billion people will be using cloud storage by then, considering that in 2013 there were already 922 million people storing their data in different cloud services. This growth will mostly be fuelled by the adoption of IPv6, with 24% of internet users ready to shift from their IPv4 protocol by 2018. This will be quite a considerable jump, as over 96% of today’s internet traffic is still dependent on IPv4.

Salesforce Opens its First UK Data Center

Salesforce launched their first data center in the UK in the latter part of October, fully-powered by renewable energy as part of their goals on sustainability. Salesforce CEO, George Hu, says that this move proves that they firmly believe that this shift is very strategic, considering how much power the UK market has. They are also considering building similar data centers in Germany and France in the near future. Other big cloud vendors have also done the same thing, with IBM announcing that they are also in the process of building data centres in the UK, France, and Germany. Amazon Web Services has also announced a German branch for their services.

With all these new updates in cloud computing, it is truly exciting to see what lies ahead in the world of technology. What possible expansions, innovations, and initiatives do you see happening next?