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What are the Major Cloud Computing Safety Concerns?

cloud computing safety concerns It is quite obvious that cloud computing technology is growing by leaps and bounds and more and more businesses and private citizens are getting in on it. After all, there are so many benefits to the cloud that there are hardly any reasons not to get in on the bandwagon. However, as seemingly perfect as the cloud is, there are some things holding it back from totally dominating as the storage space provider of choice. These concerns are based on how safe the cloud is for storing sensitive personal and business data.

There aren’t really too many cloud computing safety concerns but the ones that do exist make people and businesses nervous; it makes them cautious of using the cloud service. If safety issues over the cloud are holding you back from using the service, then perhaps knowing more about it can ease your fears.

Security – When your files are stored in a place that you cannot technically see then it is easy to feel nervous about its security.  After all, when your private data or sensitive information is on the cloud for storage, you do not want other people to see them. This is the reason why people and businesses are so afraid of the cloud and fail to fully embrace it. There are experts that agree over the security risks of leaving your sensitive data on the cloud but it is worth taking note that these safety concerns are often blown out of proportion. Yes, there are some security risks to storing your information on the cloud but the risks are no more than what you would normally face when you store your files in your own computers.

Privacy – How private is your information when you store it in the cloud? You can prevent people from accessing your account and the power to ensure the privacy of your information on the cloud. All you need to do is make sure that you sign up for the services of a safe and secure cloud service provider and you practice proper use of passwords and encryption.  This is especially true if you are using the cloud for business reasons.

According to experts, 40% of medium to large businesses describe themselves as “cloud-wary” and that the fear of security breaches is what makes them cautious about moving their business to the cloud. It has to be said that this baseless fear is holding the migration of businesses to the cloud to some extent but it is in no way affecting the growth and the forward momentum of the cloud computing technology. Experts are also optimistic that it shouldn’t take too much for these holdouts to finally make the leap to the cloud and they will learn to trust it just like they learned to trust outsourcing vendors and software.

What do you fear about the cloud? Will your fears hold you back from using it?

What are the Top Security Threats to Cloud Computing?

top security threats to cloud computing

Getting ready to jump on the cloud computing bandwagon? If that is the case, it helps if you get your facts straight and you know everything there is to know about cloud computing. After all, embracing the cloud is a big step so it helps if you know everything there is to know about it. For instance, most people already know the benefits of moving files to the cloud storage, but it also pays to know the not-so-great things about it. Below is a list of the top security threats to cloud computing that you need to take into consideration.

Data Breaches – Several months ago, there was news of a massive breach concerning Target which meant that millions of people had their personal and credit card information stolen. This was one of the biggest breaches in the processing and storage of data on the cloud. According to experts, the fact that Target stored their data on the cloud opened them up to attacks.  Data storage is one of the biggest advantages of cloud computing technology but one always has to be ready for data breaches and secure their accounts accordingly.

Loss of Data – Data loss happens as a result of an intrusive or malicious action. This happens when the disc drive goes on the blink without the owners having any backups and usually occurs when the owner of the encrypted files loses the key. This was what happened to people using the EC2 cloud service offered by Amazon when their system went through a “remirroring storm” back in 2011. There was nothing sinister about it but it was all due to human error. Of course, precautionary measures need to be taken as well because loss of data can also be due to a malicious attack.

Service Traffic or Account Hijacking – Hijacked accounts may seem to be too simple and elementary to be of any concern to cloud users but according to experts, it happens more often than people think.  The reason for this is something called “phishing,” which is the exploitation of software vulnerabilities as a way to carry out buffer overflow attacks, loss of passwords, etc. When your cloud account is hijacked, there is a strong possibility that a shady character is checking out all your transactions, changing your data, and even sending out damaging responses to customers. Some even use this tactic to drive customers to competitor sites.

APIs that Lack Security – Cloud service providers are at a crossroads because while they want to make the service available to as many people as possible, they also have to limit the damage these anonymous users can do to the system and the service. Their answer came in the form of API or application programming interface that defines how third-party users can use an application in conjunction to the cloud service. With API, users will have to verify their identities and while it works, there is still a long way to go for it to become fool-proof.

Do you understand how these threats could affect you? Have you experienced any of these threats? Share your experiences with cloud computing below!

Cloud Computing – A Renaissance in the IT Industry


Ever since the 1960s, when John McCarthy proposed the idea of utilizing the computation system for public usage, cloud computing technology has been developed through many phases so that a software technology can perform as a service to the public. However, John McCarthy was not the only one who had been instrumental in providing the world with one of the best gifts that mankind can ever have. Rather, J.C.R Licklider’s vision of connecting the entire world’s computer system through a technology that any person from anywhere on this earth can be able to save, put a back up and access to all the data and documents on their computer as well as the computers of others has revolutionized the Information Technology industry and connected people and made data available no matter where they are.

What is the purpose of cloud computing?

There have been several arguments as to what cloud computing is all about and what it really does. Although the very popular arguments are that it is a server that facilitates the security, safety, backup and storage facilities, in a broader aspect, anything that happens outside the domain of computer is known as “cloud computing”.

As the IT industry has a huge workload regarding their software systems so that all the functions can run smooth and all the information and analysis and data are in perfect safety, therefore, it costs every company a huge amount  just to maintain a separate IT department. The purpose of cloud computing is that it will reduce the cost of the IT maintenance department of any company or institution to ensure that whenever you need a backup for your data, or need to have a license for your software, it will all be available to you virtually anywhere and in the safest and easiest manner.

What do you get when you hire a cloud computing backup?

When the user hires a cloud computing service, it is the online backup that they have actually opted for. Instead of having the user or the company go for an individual software licensing for all the programs that were run by the user, a cloud computing will provide the user with an interface software that, once loaded to the computer, does all the work remotely. Whether it is the e-mailing or adding space to store more data or developing high-speed bandwidth, cloud computing is a perfect solution to the entire software related problems. The best part is that the user or the company do not have to employ new employees or new infrastructure for the company and thus the cost gets reduced.

Why should you hire a cloud computing agency?

One of the many reasons behind cloud computing is that it will filter all the spams from entering your e-mail inbox. The entire department of software infrastructure can be controlled through the cloud computing system. As you can avail this service at a very affordable price, at a very little cost of about $7 a month or a flat rate of $50 per year on an average, cloud computing is the best option.