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What are Cloud Computing Malls?

cloud computing mallsIn this day and age, it is rare to find someone who hasn’t heard of the cloud and as more and more people get in the cloud, developers are also clamoring to improve cloud technology. As it gets better and better, things that were previously just dreams are starting to show up and one of those is cloud computing malls. Now, do not feel too bad if you do not know much about these cloud computing malls as they are still somewhat new and are just on the early stages of development. However, this is where you get to know more about them and see what they are all about.

What are Cloud Computing Malls?

The idea of a cloud computing mall may bring all sorts of images like giant clouds or clusters of computers but it is really simpler than that. Below are some interesting facts about these malls that will give you a better idea as to what they are:

It is like an open cloud. These cloud malls are a lot like open clouds in the sense that they operate with open APIs and there is a developer community that works on the developing of the cloud environment or the cloud infrastructure. Another reason why it is so similar to an open cloud is there are people who have years and years of experience in running open-source projects and they are the ones responsible for the running of the cloud malls.

You will get access to data. Just like the cloud people will have every right and the ability to move and edit data on cloud malls as they wish, you will also have the ability to run all apps that you use across many different types of cloud environments because it is federated.

No IT. These cloud malls will not have any need for an IT administrator to manage and provision it. These malls will also have no need for new hardware to be installed before they are up and running.

How is it Different from the Cloud?

As mentioned earlier, it is very similar to the cloud but with some differences that set it apart. For instance, in cloud computing, users can gain access to large off-site cloud providers. However, the cloud mall is a lot like the ones offered by Amazon and Google cloud in the sense that anyone could buy computing power. Unlike Google and Amazon, which are close clouds, the mall is open to multiple vendors that deal with computer services, hardware, and software. All of them will have access to data about the mall such as what programs it is running along with any problem reports and performance failures.  So in a sense, it is like a mall where multiple parties converge and interact with each other to make it work.

What do you think of the cloud computing mall? Is it something that will gain widespread acceptance? Let us know what you think below!