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How Cloud Computing Benefits Everybody

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cloud computing benefitsIf you are like most people, you are likely enjoying cloud computing benefits without even knowing what it is. Why, every time you open your email to look for attachments and every time you look for an old email, you are using cloud computing. In fact, you have been using cloud computing for as long as you have used your email account.  It might seem like cloud computing sneaked up to you out of nowhere but it has, in fact, been around far longer than you know. If you are enjoying cloud computing benefits today then it pays to look back at how it all began. Below is quick history of cloud computing and some top benefits of the technology.

The very idea of an intergalactic computer network was first cooked up by J.C.R Licklider back in the 60s. He is the same person responsible for developing the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) back in 1969. He had a vision where people from all over the world would be connected simply by using programs and data from at any site from any location. According to Margaret Lewis from AMD, it was a vision that sounded a lot like cloud computing.

Some experts say that the concept of the cloud came from computer scientist John McCarthy. He proposed the idea of a type of computing that was delivered as a public utility much like the service bureaus that existed in the 60s

It does seem like the 60s was the very time when cloud computing was developed, with web 2.0 as its very latest version. However, it was only brought to the masses recently since it is only now that the Internet can offer a good enough bandwidth.


One of the very first milestones for cloud computing came with salesforce.com way back in 1999. This brought about the concept of delivering entrepreneurial applications with the use of a simple website. This was the very same service firm that made way for specialists and mainstream software developers to bring consumer applications via the Internet.

The next big development in cloud computing was the arrival of the Amazon Web Services in 2002. It provided a range of cloud-based services that included computation, storage, and even human intelligence by way of Amazon Mechanical Turk.

In 2006, Amazon again launched EC2 (Elastic Compute). They released it as a commercial web service that allowed small businesses and individuals to rent computers so they can use them to run their very own apps. Jeremy Allaire, Brightcove CEO, has said that EC2 was the first ever widely accessible cloud computing service.

Another massive milestone for cloud computing came in 2009, with the arrival of web 2.0. This was when Google and other companies came out with offers of browser-based enterprise apps by way of Google Apps.

As you can very well see, cloud computing has been around for quite some time even if it is just now that you are fully absorbing and comprehending cloud computing benefits. Whether you own a company or a private individual, you can take advantage of everything the cloud has to offer.

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