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Unlimited Cloud Storage Free

There are many cloud storage providers that provide some storage space for free like Google Drive, OneDrive and iDrive. They all have different features and service offerings and they all hope you upgrade. Cloud Storage keeps a copy of your files in a cloud data center. Free doesn’t always make it the best. Some organizations let you store files for free so they can use your files to personalize and present ads to your more effectively.  We're not going to say who.

Free Backup Software

Free backup software is a necessary piece to use a cloud storage service. Some cloud storage service providers will provide the backup software for free, but limit the number of devices. So the free backup software isn’t really free, it is being priced in some other way like adding device licenses.

Amazon Cloud Storage

One of the fastest growing service providers is Amazon Cloud Storage. Also known as AWS. As Amazon grew rapidly they collected large amounts of data for their online store and developed data centers due to necessity.  Amazon Merchants are charged a fee to list their items and rates vary if they also use FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) warehouse and shipping services.

Best Cloud Storage Canada

TAPNET is a cloud service provider and uses Amazon Cloud Storage data centers. Amazon is one of the few larger cloud storage providers that has a dedicated data center in Canada. This can ensure your data is secure and stored within Canada. When ordering TAPNET online backup, select the Canada option and your online backup account will be set to store data in the Canadian Amazon data center.

Free Cloud Storage Comparison

Below are some details and features of other Cloud Storage Providers. There are many cloud storage service providers and we hope that you take advantage of the 100 GB Free Cloud Backup offer by TAPNET. Head over to our facebook page (facebook.com/tapnet) and click on Reviews. Leave us a review and we’ll send you the 100 GB Free Cloud Backup promo code.

iDrive Backup Features

iDrive backup features that they highlight are:

  • Cloud backup
  • Multiple device backup
  • Multi device compatible
  • Social media backup
  • Open/locked files backup
  • Mapped and external drives backup
  • Automated backup
  • Remote computer backup
Google Drive Features

Google cloud backup features that they highlight are:

  • 15GB space. Keep any file. Share how you want
  • Built to work with Google. Save Gmail attachments. Powerful search. Google Photos
  • Work smarter with apps. Docs, Sheets, Slides. Google Forms
  • Take Drive even further. Scan documents. Work offline
SOS Online Backup Features

SOS Online Backup features they highlight are:

  • Mobile Apps iOS and Android
  • File Access Web app, mobile apps, and desktop program
  • Transfer Encryption 256-bit AES
  • Storage Encryption 256-bit AES
BackBlaze Features

BackBlaze features they highlight are:

  • Scheduled and Automated Backups
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Continuous Backup
  • Hard Drive Restore Program
  • Full Disk Backups
  • Version Saving
  • Unlimited File Types
  • Unlimited File Sizes
Box Storage Features

Box Storage they highlight are:

  • Easy Document Sharing.
  • Setting Permissions for Secured File Sharing
  • Seamless Collaboration
  • Effortless Offline Syncing
  • Better Workflow Automation
  • Smooth Content Interaction Using Box View
  • Integration with Other Applications
  • Privacy and Compliance
100GB Free of Google Drive

Steps to get 100 GB Free of Google Drive: Navigate to google.com/chromebook/offers/ the 100GB of Google Drive space. 3. Scroll down to the Google Drive section and click "Redeem offer." Not exactly free, but here is what they say. “Get Google One with 100 GB of storage and other exclusive benefits for 12 months when you purchase a new Chromebook or Pixelbook.” We highly recommend buying a Google Chromebook. Like our Facebook page to get weekly tech insight and product reviews. Chromebook will be reviewed in the near future.

Cloud Backup Solutions For Small Businesses

Cloud Backup Solutions For Small Business
Cloud Backup Solutions For Small Business

The most popular choices here include: Carbonite, Backblaze, OpenDrive, SpiderOak and Acronis. Well these might be the first to appear on a Google search, we cannot exclude ourselves. TAPNET offers the first class backup client software for small business. Ideal and packed with features including a free 15 day trial. Keep reading to get free backup service.

How do I backup to the cloud for free?

To backup to the cloud for free you will need to find a service provider that is offering a backup service that is actually free. Not just a free trial or free cloud storage space for which to copy files into. We didn’t actually do any research here because we want to point you to the Free online backup service you can get directly from TAPNET. 2 simple steps and you will be on your way to a free backup service. First, find and like our Facebook page here (Facebook.com/TAPNET). Then click on Reviews and leave us a fantastic review. Afterall, we’re about to offer you a free backup service. Within a few minutes Facebook will respond to your Review with a Promo Code to use on Tapnet.com/5GBFREE

How much does 1 TB of cloud storage cost?

Price for 1TB of cloud storage varies from each service provider. On average you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to several hundred per year. While the prices have varied over the years the general trend is for prices to drop periodically. Keep in mind Cloud Storage is different than Cloud Backup. Read more about the differences in this article titled: How Can I Backup My Data Online For Free.

Is OneDrive better than Google Drive?

We always find products that Microsoft produces to be generally clunky compared to the first class quality that Google has. When the cloud storage client software was first available for Windows they both had their quirks. Google has improved a lot since then where now you can actually switch between accounts better now and on Windows you can add another account. While this feature does work best on Android, it is nice that you don’t have to completely disconnect the Google Drive client now to access another account. They both offer an amount of space for free. For example Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage to start. The upgrade to GSuite with 30GB priced roughly at $70USD for a year at the time of this writing. Do remember though that these accounts include backup space for any devices connected. Each device and the photos or videos that get backed up will quickly use up Free 15GB for most people.

How do I backup my small business data?

Even if you are using Google Drive look in your local folders for the cached copy of all the files. This is the folder that you want to backup to either an external hard drive or an alternate backup service. While you are pretty safe with Google Drive not losing anything, if you are saving small business files like documents and spreadsheets there are no revision history or retention policies available. This is where you will want to couple Google Drive or any Cloud Storage with an online backup service. Try TAPNET free for 15 days using the backup client you can use Hybrid option in the backup plan to create a local backup and sync that local backup into the cloud.

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Some Popular Myths about Cloud Storage

It’s normal for people to jump into the wrong conclusion when they come across something new. Of course, with the rise in popularity of cloud backup in the past few years, it’s only normal to hear that a few myths being passed around from ear to ear.

Here are some of them:

1. Cloud backup is very expensive.

Yes, there was a time when cloud backup was not a practical for personal users. It was mainly a business product, something that would be way out of your budget if you’re only thinking about your personal files. However, as the demand for it grew, the belief that cloud backup is expensive has slowly turned into a debunked myth. Today, you can get an extensive online backup plan for a price that fits anybody’s budget.

2. A single backup is enough.

Sure, you’ve placed all your files in an external disk. You should be safe enough now, right? Wrong!

Remember that as long as your copies are found in physical storages, there will always be a higher risk of exposure to security threats, as well as to natural threats like fire or flooding. No matter how confident you are about your existing backup, investing in a great cloud service could be the best decision you have ever made to keep your files safe.

3. Backing up and retrieving your files takes forever.

Your backup and retrieval process is also dependent on your existing internet connection. Do if you know that your internet connection is stable and fast enough, then you have nothing to worry about in terms of speed of backup and retrieval.

These are just three of the many myths that you might encounter along the way. But no matter how convincing some of the myths are, don’t fall for them easily. After all, the cloud backup industry wouldn’t have gotten this big if others have not yet proven these myths wrong.

How does a Reliable Online Backup Software Make You Productive?

It isn’t surprising to find that individuals, groups, and companies put a lot of their trust in their chosen online backup services, considering the huge benefits that these providers give them. Among the biggest advantages of having online backup is the big increase that they notice in terms of productivity, something that helps bring them closer to meeting, and even exceeding a lot of their targets and goals.

online backup

How exactly does a reliable online backup service help you become more productive? Here are a few ways:

It gives you access to your files anywhere you go. Because your files are stored online, this means that you can also retrieve and open your files no matter where you are, as long as you are connected. Gone are the days when you would have to bring hard copies of everything you need. You don’t even have to waste time transferring files from your computer to a portable drive just so you can transfer them to the computer you’ll be using once you get to your destination.

It offers great collaborative opportunities. Today, backup services do not just backup your own files, it also allows you to give other people in your team access to them. This means that it is easier to work with groups of people at a single time, and you don’t even have to send everybody their own copies like it is traditionally done. Even better is the fact that you can also allow people to edit documents accordingly, and these changes will automatically reflect the changes they made.

It reduces your costs.Where a huge chunk of your budget used to go to maintaining an IT team that could keep your files secure and purchasing additional equipment to store all your team’s files, you can finally save up and allocate this portion to more important stuff you need for your project. Your IT team can concentrate on more pressing issues other than maintaining files. You don’t even have to have the entire team working in the office, which could reduce your overhead costs. As long as the files you need are backed up online, you all can have access to them and work anywhere you are with as little maintenance as possible.

It minimizes the effects of human error. Everybody has done it before. You work on a really important file, and end up deleting it accidentally. This means that you have to do the work all over again, which means that hours or even days have gone to waste. With online backup services, that won’t be a problem. Retrieving deleted files is so easy, you can easily act like nothing ever happened.

With these huge benefits that online backup brings to the table, you and your entire team can finally be more productive than ever. This does not only make your goals seem easier to achieve. This added productivity also means that you’re gearing everybody up to be on top of their game, allowing everybody to have better opportunities for growth.

Backup Your Data Online: What are the Benefits?

backup your data online

Backing up your data online pretty much works like when you backup your data the traditional way (ex. using an external hard drive). However, when you backup your data online, your digital files are transmitted over the World Wide Web and safely stored on a server in a data center. Online data backup provides a variety of advantages, particularly for enterprise storage.

Listed below are some of the major benefits you’ll get when you backup your data online.

Convenience and accessibility

– When you backup data online, you never have to bring your external hard drives and flash disks with you all the time. Because your data are online, you can conveniently access them through the internet wherever you are and whenever you want. Accessibility isn’t even exclusive to your personal computer or laptop. As long as there’s an internet connection, you’ll be able to access your file on any device such as a smartphone or a tablet.

Protection against physical destruction

– Because your data are stored over the internet, you don’t have to worry anymore about the physical backup (USB, micro SD, external hard drive) being destroyed. So in case of fire accidents, water mishap or theft, your data and files are still protected. The protection also applies in the event that the external hard drive stops working or malfunctions. This event isn’t unheard of. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why a lot of people are acquiring help from a cloud storage provider

Defense against OS failure

– Physical destruction isn’t the only way to your online files can be compromised. Sometimes when your device’s Operating System fails and the data stored in your computer or laptop can be corrupted. To avoid this, data online backup is the way to go. Even if your OS accidentally crashes, you’ll still be at peace knowing your data are safe and secured somewhere in the cloud.

Easy sharing

– Because your data are stored online, sharing files with your loved ones or colleagues becomes hassle-free. Unlike when you share your files via an external hard drive or send your digital media through email, online backup sharing only takes a couple of minutes. Your family or peers don’t have to be nearby to access them. They can be located thousands of miles away from you and still see and download your shared files in a jiffy.

No need for spoon-feeding

– After the initial or complete backup, you don’t have to manually back up your data online. Depending on your time frame preference (backed up all the time or in regular intervals), your online storage will do the storing and managing of your data on its own. You don’t even have to stop using your device when this happens as the backup will be running in the background.


– If you don’t need to back up too much data, you can easily use online data backup services for free. That means you no longer need to buy external hard and flash drives anymore. And even if you have a ton of data to backup online, generally, when you compare the cost of physical storage to online storage, the latter is still more economical.

What other benefits do you get when you backup your data online?

What Are the Usual Cloud Backup Best Practices?

cloud backup best practicesFile and document backup is an essential online component for both personal and business users. The new cloud backup and recovery infrastructure provides exceptional and economical functions. This brings great help especially to small businesses. There are various cloud backup providers in the market now. The challenge for you is to find the one that can provide you with some cloud backup best practices.


This may seem like an obvious factor, but a lot of people still get confused with service compatibility. Some cloud backup services are compatible with multiple operating systems. While others are exclusive to a particular OS. The rule of thumb is here this: all cloud services support Windows, some only support LINUX, and others only support Mac OS. Knowing if your OS is compatible with the cloud service you want makes everything easier – from back-upping your file to service support. Also try to stay updated with cloud compatibility news. Sometimes, a provider updates a service and adds a new OS to support.


This is a priority. When you backup your files to the cloud, you essentially trust other people to keep your data safe for you. Even if you pay the provider to do it, this still posts several security risks. Hence, it’s very critical to find a cloud service provider that is reputable and that can provide proof that your stored data are secured. If you’re in contact with a potential service provider, don’t hesitate to ask security questions such as if the company has its own backup contingency. What if something happens to their data center? How can they protect your files from viruses or cybercriminals? Are you allowed to set your own encryption key? Since the data are yours and you’ll be paying for the virtual space (and even if you opt for free cloud service), asking the provider’s management practices is a must.


Practically all providers of cloud service offer free (or a variation of it) backup services. Some grant clients a trial period. If the cloud service backup you want is for personal use, free cloud services are good enough for you. However, if you’re planning to use cloud backup for your business, it’s wiser to acquire enterprise cloud backup. For a cost, you’ll get additional security and bigger storage space. It’s likewise important to check the payment system of the service providers. Some give per month or per year tiered pricing systems. Others offer tailor-made packages.

It’s important that you get information about cloud services and providers before signing up. Knowing the best cloud backup practices will set your mind at ease regarding safety and security concerns. It’ll also help you fully understand what you’re acquiring and paying for and making sure that you’ll get your money’s worth. The key to an effective cloud backup system isn’t just about choosing the best provider for your needs. It’s also about making sure that the cloud backup service works with the help of the provider’s best practices and procedures.

How about you? What best practices do you prioritize?

What is the Importance of Data Backup?

Importance Of Data Backup
Importance of Data Backup

Importance of data backup, sometimes also known as remote or online cloud backup, is a service that allows its users to secure and store data online. Most of the time, it is used to recover computer files. Most online backup systems are software that run on a schedule set by its users typically once a day or at a time when the computer is not in use.

Buy An External Hard Drive
Backup Service Providers

There are a lot of service providers that offer online backing up of data. Some offer a certain amount of storage for free (5GB of data storage at most) then charge a certain amount for more storage space.

Advantages of Data Backup

Not all computer users know the different advantages and importance of data backup in general. If you are one of those users, here are some reasons why backing up your data online is important these days. But if you’re someone who has already discovered the wonders and convenience of online backup, then two thumbs up for you.

  • Topping the list of the importance of data backup online would be that no matter what happens, you will always have a backup. Did you lose your device – traditional backup included? No worries, everything is stored in your online backup. When you get yourself a new device, you can access all your data and files through your online backup.
  • In the event of a computer crash, files stored in your computer hard drive may be difficult, even close to impossible, to salvage. Having an online backup would make it much easier for you to recover all your files with just a click of a button.
  • Backing up data in a location separate from your trusty device makes a lot of sense. However, when backing up to a physical device, chances are the backup and your device are located in the same bag and if one is susceptible to theft, then the other one is, too.
  • Online data backups are always ready to be restored. This means that your data can be restored anytime, anywhere, and exactly the way you want them. Some online data backup providers may even deliver the data to you personally, so it would not be much of a hassle to download a huge chunk of data online that would be too time-consuming.
  • Although some online data backup providers do come at a cost (especially when you intend to store more than what their free space can provide), it would still be cheaper than backing up data traditionally. You need not spend on a hard drive that would cost you quite a lot, or get yourself some tape streamers, tapes, random backup software that need verification, etc.


Get 50GB Free Backup

Now that you have been enlightened on the importance of data backup online, you should know that there are hazards to this as well; most are security issues, although most of the time data would be encrypted before they are sent over a secure connection. Once you have decided to create an online backup of your data, make sure to set a strong password for your account. Do you think that backing up your data online is the most convenient step to make when dealing with data storage? Try out TAPNET Online Backup completely for free with 50GB of Online Backup Storage. Click here to go to the online backup order page and Use Promo Code 50GBFREE

Online Backup Services

Why is it important to backup data?

The main reason for data backup is to save important files if a system crashes or hard drive failure occurs. There should be additional data backups if the original backups result in data corruption or hard drive failure. Additional backups are necessary if natural or man-made disasters occur.

What is the importance of data backup and recovery?

Backup copies allow data to be restored from an earlier point in time to help the business recover from an unplanned event. Storing the copy of the data on separate medium is critical to protect against primary data loss or corruption.

Why backup is important for business?

Regular backups may arguably be the single most important step you take for preventing a network disaster. Backups help ensure that regardless of your current security strategy, you have secure and clean data to keep your business running in the case of data loss, a hack attack or even a natural disaster.

What is most important when considering data backups?

The most important aspect when considering data backups is making sure you have duplicate copies of the data. At the least I would recommend three internal copies as well as two different external copies one on a hard drive and one saved remotely.

What are the advantages of backup?

The Top Five Benefits to Data Backup

  • Quick Access to Files. One of the greatest things about backing up data is the ease at which you are able to retrieve files and information.
  • Protection Against Power Failures.
  • Added Anti-Virus Protection.
  • Safeguard Against Failed Hard Drive.
  • Recovery if Operating System Fails.


How does data backup work?

A data backup is the result of copying or archiving files and folders for the purpose of being able to restore them in case of data loss. Data loss can be caused by many things ranging from computer viruses to hardware failures to file corruption to fire, flood, or theft (etc).

What are the 3 types of backups?

The most common backup types are a full backup, incremental backup and differential backup. Other backup types include synthetic full backups and mirroring. In the debate over cloud vs. local backup, there are some types of backup that are better in certain locations.

Six Ways To Backup Your Data

USB stick. Small, cheap and convenient, USB sticks are everywhere, and their portability means that they’re easy to store safely, but also pretty easy to lose.

  • External hard drive.
  • Time Machine.
  • Network Attached Storage.
  • Cloud Storage.
  • Printing.


Why recovery is needed?

The techniques used to recover the lost data due to system crash, transaction errors, viruses, catastrophic failure, incorrect commands execution etc. are database recovery techniques. This information is needed to recover from transaction failure.

Why is backup important?

The main reason for data backup is to save important files if a system crash or hard drive failure occurs. There should be additional data backups if the original backups result in data corruption or hard drive failure. Additional backups are necessary if natural or man-made disasters occur.

What is a backup strategy?

A backup strategy, along with a disaster recovery plan, constitute the all-encompassing business continuity plan which is the blueprint for an organization to withstand a cyberattack and recover with zero-to-minimal damage to the business, reputation, and data.

What is the single most important part of data recovery?

The most important thing to consider when recovering data is how long it takes to recovery the data ( the RTO) and the quality of the data once it’s restored. Being able to restore data in a timely many and verifying its integrity can be critical to an organization that’s trying to recover from a disaster.

What’s the optimal recommended backup storage strategy?

A 3-2-1 Backup Strategy The 3-2-1 backup strategy states that you should keep: At least THREE copies of your data; Backed-up data on TWO different storage types; At least ONE copy of the data offsite.

Online Backup Services

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