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How to Benefit from a Free Online Backup Plan

Anything free is a good deal, even if it’s just for a short period of time. The trick to making the most out of it is to understand how it works. Take a free online backup plan, for instance. If you know how online backup works, you’ll be able to maximize the free storage space you can get.

How to Benefit from a Free Online Backup Plan

1. Choose your online backup provider.

Nowadays, the number of cloud and online backup providers is massive. You must be careful in choosing who you can trust to protect your files. The great thing is that it’s easy enough to verify the reputation of each vendor.

Do your own background investigation. Look for the top free online backup plan providers. Read what they offer. Check out the reviews and comments from previous and current users. Take note of their remarks and complaints (if there are any). Pick three possible providers that suit your needs and then assess their pros and cons. From there, make an informed decision on which free online backup plan to choose.

2. Prioritize what’s important.

Even if you’re just an average online user, you may have a lot of files you’d want to save and store. If the backup provider you choose only offers less than 5GB of free storage space, make a priority list. Choose which documents and files you need to keep safe first.

If you’re backing up images, it’s important to check if the backup plan provider doesn’t resize your photos when stored on their servers. Some online backup vendors opt to resize files to provide bigger space for their clients. If you don’t want your photos to be rescaled, verify your provider’s file resize options.

When you work with a reputable provider and prioritize your data, you’ll make the most out of your free online backup service.

Why Do You Need an Online Backup for Your Files?

online backupIf only a computer can talk, it’ll probably tell you the story of your life, or at the very least, the highlights. When you look at your computer’s hard drive, you see photos, videos, eBooks, personal documents, medical history, baking details, tax information, shopping receipts, and numerous applications and software you use to work, unwind and play. To lose all these pieces of information is to lose a part of you. If you want this to happen, then you need to have an online backup.

Here are five major reasons why using an online backup is the best thing that you can do for your computer data and files.

• Miniscule Chance of Damage – A physical external hard drive in your possession renders it accessible to all sorts of possible threats. A number of the dangers can be your fault like dropping it or knocking over your cup of coffee on it during backup. Other potential ways to damage the external hard drive are fire or electrical surge like a lightning strike nearby. Yet another excellent possibility is the external hard drive simply crashed beyond repair. Because the servers utilized for online backup are constantly running, the hard drives are supplanted with good regularity. Additionally, most servers use what’s known as RAID setup, which means your data is redundantly backed up on a number of hard drives. By doing this, if one goes awry, the data is still secure and you don’t even see any disturbance in the service.

• Ease and Convenience – Once installed and operating, online backup doesn’t need you to have remember every single file in your computer. The initial backup may take a while to finish. However, once it’s done the backup process is hardly evident. As you work, the new files, whether it’s something new or a revision, will be effortlessly backed up.

• Limitless Storage Space – Dealing with storage space can be tricky and is usually ends up to irritation. This is especially true for mobile use. It can be very annoying to record a video and see that you no longer have space on your phone. Backing up your files online eliminates these restrictions at a minimal price, or at the very least, at a price that showcase the amount of benefits you’re getting.

• Protection and Security – Reliable online backup provider offers a great deal of protection and security. The vendor doesn’t have access to your files; they are just supplying you with storage space. A massive security advantage is the encryption the provider use. More often than not, people don’t encrypt their USBs or bigger external hard drives so utilizing an auto online backup can definitely be an added security.

• Syncing – Syncing guarantees your files are automatically modified and updated across all of your devices. By doing this, the most recent version of a data you saved on your computer is available on your smartphone and tablet, too. Online backup is rapidly growing and improving in recognition among individuals and businesses alike. Combined with the economical value of bandwidth and storage solutions, using backup online service has made it more cost-effective and simpler than ever to store, manage and share your files.

Can you think of any other major benefits that you can get from using backup service online? Share your thoughts below!