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How to Improve Your Site’s Click-through Rate

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When you launch your pay-per-click campaign, one of the most important things you’ll be keeping track of is your click-through rate. The better your click-through rate is, the more visitors you get on your website, the higher your quality scores are, and the less your cost-per-click is.

Here are a few tips that would help you improve your click-through rate and allow you to start getting better results on your PPC campaign.

Highlight a special offer on your headline.

No matter how informative your content may be, no user who’s on the go is going to spend time scanning through what you have to say. Most of the time, it’s just your headline that they’ll look at. And when there’s nothing juicy there, then they’ll move onto the next ad.

Nobody can resist a great offer, so make sure you highlight any promos you may have at the moment right at your headline.

Put your keyword on your display URL.

Your focus may be on the ad itself, but remember that even your display URL is part of your ad text. And yes, this greatly matters if you’re hoping to get your ads to appear right on top of everything else. The fact that the keyword appears on the display URL shows users that your ad will lead them to the exact place they need to be.

End your description line one with a period.

You may be skeptical at first, but yes, a period can actually be the one thing you’re missing. How does a period help?

Remember that you only have a limited number of characters allowed on your headline, but your description line allots more space for you. The moment you add a period right there, it immediately becomes part of your headline when it appears on top of search results. This means more chances of hooking your audience in.

With these three tips, there may be no stopping your PPC campaign.

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