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Create A More Efficient Work Team With Cloud Computing

Get better results from your team with cloud computing.

Get better results from your team with cloud computing.

Whether you work in an office or with an offsite team of people, you’ve probably noticed inefficiencies in your work process. For instance, you may send a document to several people for review, only to have three different versions come back to you. Or, a team member may make revisions to an older version of a document. It’s also common for documents to get stuck on one person’s desk, delaying the entire project.

All of these problems have to do with a lack of access to the most recent and correct version of a document. When all members of a team have equal access, then there can be no chance of getting three separate edited documents, making changes to the wrong version of a document or a document getting stuck on an individual’s desk.

Cloud computing can help you solve the problem of document access among your working group. Cloud computing allows you to save all of your files to “the cloud”, which is basically an independent Internet server. Tapnet, for instance, offers safe, protected cloud computing for businesses, freelancers, and individuals. When you sign up for a cloud computing account, you will be able to save all of your files to our protected servers. You can then work on any of your files at any time using any of your Internet-enabled devices as long as you have Internet access.

When you use cloud computing, you can give specific people permission to access certain files. This means that rather than having to email documents back and forth or walk them to a co-worker on a jump drive, your group members can simply log into their Tapnet account and access the files that they have permission to access.

This capability can be very useful for teams that need to work with a lot of documents, or especially teams that are offsite and are not easily able to share large files. Using cloud computing, everyone will be able to access the most current version of the document. You can also share large video files that would be difficult to email.

There are many other benefits to cloud computing. When you load your files and software on the cloud, you can save a lot of space on your computer’s hard drive. You can also access your files using a range of devices, including your smartphone or your tablet. Never again will you need to lug your heavy laptop everywhere just so you can have access to all of your files. Additionally, cloud computing is a great way to protect your files. If your important business files are only on your work computer, they could be harmed if the computer is damaged or develops a virus. With cloud computing your files will always be safe on our highly-protected servers no matter what happens to your machines.

If you want to improve the productivity of your working group and lower delays, errors and miscommunications, contact Tapnet to discuss our cloud computing options.