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Why Do Small Businesses and Cloud Storage Services Work?

In making a business work efficiently, files and data are necessary. These documents range from feasibility studies, marketing strategies, and everything else in between. During the actual business transactions, files are prevalent. These can be agreement and receipt documents, photos and videos of the product or service, or emails and chat messages to and from clients. The amount of data used in a business, even a small one, can be enormous. And most of these are important and confidential. Storing them in a secure location is a must. That’s where cloud storage services come in.

Cloud storage is an online backup storage where a user can get free or paid storage space from an online backup vendor. More often than not, small businesses opt to use a vendor’s free storage to store their corporate data. This is feasible because of the size of the company. Small businesses have documents fewer than medium-sized or multinational companies.

It’s important that small businesses make use of cloud storage services for many reasons.

Cloud storage is cost-effective.

Free cloud storage costs nothing. Tons of reputable online backup companies offer up to 5GB of free storage space. This size is sufficient if all that the company saves and stores are text documents and email exchanges. Taking advantage of this free service provides the company financial breathing space, at least for the time being.

Also, even if the small business purchases a cloud storage package, its annual amount is often less expensive than a yearly supply of USB and external hard drives.

Cloud storage is a safer backup plan.

Accidents and calamities happen. USB and external drives unexpectedly fry up. These instances can wipe out an entire load of corporate data in a snap. This is not the case with cloud storage services. Because the storage servers are located somewhere else, no flood, fire, or abrupt crashes can delete corporate files.

It can be a big slip-up if a small business doesn’t take advantage of cloud storage. If you own a company or are starting a business, add this service to your priority list.

Why Are Cloud Storage Services Helpful for Storing Files?

One of the misconceptions surrounding cloud storage services is its exclusivity with business use. Many assume that only those with businesses can use this online backup. This is not the case, especially these days when keeping personal files on a computer’s hard drive is fast becoming a less popular option.

Cloud storage services provide a crucial benefit that a hard drive or a USB can’t offer. This advantage is having a bigger storage space for digital properties.

Here are the other benefits of securing a personal cloud storage service:

1. Cloud storage liberates precious space on your computer’s hard drive.

Through cloud storage, you can move the digital files that eat up a huge portion of your hard drive, which slows down your computer. This may include pictures, videos, music files, eBooks, and word documents. Once you’ve moved and stored all or most of these files to your personal cloud system, you can expect a lighter, more spacious machine.

2. Cloud storage allows others to access your files.

This may sound like a negative feature, but if you use your cloud storage correctly, it’s not. What this benefit means is that you’re able to share your files to anyone you’ve granted access to. This is helpful when you want to share a large video or batches of pictures to your family and friends.

Also, if you do remote work, you can just as easily give clearance to your workmates to access specific work-related data in your account, and vice versa. This saves you time and energy to physically send the files needed.

3. Cloud storage costs less than buying several USB and external hard drives.

There are many cloud storage providers that offer free use of their space for a preset file size. Even if you have tons of personal photos and videos, more often than not, the preset file size is still spacious enough for your files. With this, you’re basically storing and securing your data without a cost. Even if you upgrade the file size and buy additional space, cloud storage is still relatively cheaper than buying different external devices to store your files.

4. Cloud storage is accessible anywhere, anytime, as long as there is an internet connection.

When you use a cloud storage service to store your personal files, all you really need is your account password to access your stored data. This means going out even without your laptop or external drives. You can simply access your personal files through any computer, tablet or smartphone, as long as you have Wi-Fi connection and the correct password. This is helpful especially if a situation demands for your files in an instant.

5. Cloud storage protects your files.

Accidents happen. Computers occasionally suffer from the blue screen of death. Smartphones and tablets get stolen. External hard drives are easily damaged. Even if you’re careful, there are things you can’t control. And when any of these situations happen, you can heave a sigh of relief as your personal files are unharmed because they’re in the cloud.

How can cloud storage services encourage internet users to use the cloud system for file backup? Share your thoughts below.

What Cloud Storage Providers Can Do For You at Home

If you take a good look around, you will see that you can go several minutes without seeing something written about the cloud or at least the cloud being mentioned. Indeed, the cloud is hugely popular these days and it seems like every day, there is news of some new cloud storage providers that are popping up to offer services to business and homes alike.

Now some of you may already know that cloud storage providers already offer their services to offices and small businesses; however, you must also know that cloud storage providers have services geared specifically for home users. After all, the cloud is for everyone and this means homeowners and businessmen alike.

How the Cloud Can be Used at Home

cloud storage providersIt is easy to see how the cloud may be used in the office what with all the files they have to manage, work on, and share. The cloud is also beneficial to the work place in the sense that it is collaborative and easy to use. Seeing how perfectly suited the cloud is to businesses and office work, it can make you wonder where its place is in the home. For those who want to find out, check out some of the points below:

Storing important data – Homes have important files to store just like offices do and this is what the cloud can be used for. Those that want to keep an electronic record of their bills in organized folders in their computers can rely on the cloud to keep them safe and sound. This is one way to make sure that you never lose track of your bills and other records. You may even use your cloud storage to keep music and movies so your computer’s memory doesn’t get taken up by monster-sized files.

Sharing – For people who take a lot of pictures and want to share them with loved ones but not on social media, you can store your pictures on the cloud and share them with anyone that you want provided that they, too, have an account. If they do not have an account, you always have the option of sending them links.

Backing up data – If you have important work that you do on your home computer or if you work from home, you cannot afford to be lax and forget to back-up your files. When you have cloud storage in your computer, you do not have to worry about losing files.

There are so many different uses for the cloud at home and if you are not using it, well, you better get a move on so that you do not miss out on many of its wonderful benefits.  You do not have to pay for a cloud account if you do not want to since you can always rely on free cloud services and plans such as the ones offered by Google, Dropbox, and Zipcloud. However, if you do heavy work at home and you need more memory for your files, you may always opt for a paid account and get tons of space. Do you think this is something that will work with you? Share your thoughts below!

What to Consider in Choosing Cloud Storage Providers

Cloud storage has definitely brought technology to a new level, introducing a brilliant way to make storing files a whole lot easier. Aside from the fact that cloud storage eliminates the need for a number of space-consuming and costly storage equipment, it also makes file sharing more convenient. With the number of cloud storage providers in the market though, you would have to be careful about who to choose. Here are a few things to look for in searching for cloud storage providers:

cloud storage providersAs with any other types of storage, security plays the biggest risk. Especially with the fact that all your information is stored somewhere you do not have complete control over, it is a very important thing to do a thorough check on how trustworthy the provider is when it comes to encrypting and protecting your files. As much as possible, choose a provider that gives you several options to keep your files secure.

Ask for feedback from people you know to find out just how reliable a specific cloud storage provider is. Has anybody’s files been compromised in the length of time that they trusted the service? Is there too much downtime, or do they experience too much technical difficulties in using the service? Do they have efficient processes as far as addressing significant issues are concerned?

Especially for small businesses, the expected growth that your company is facing should be put into consideration. You may be handling a small amount of files now and could only have very few people accessing these files. But what happens when you start getting more people, and start accumulating more files as your business gets bigger? Find out if the provider will be able to adjust as your need expands, taking into consideration the additional costs that would go into it as well as the ease of transition as you upgrade your service little by little.

Just because it’s cheap means you get to save money, and just because it’s expensive does not mean that it’s top quality. In looking at the costs that would go with the service, the best question to ask yourself is “Is it worth it?” Cheap plans could either have hidden charges or could be so basic that you would still end up paying for a lot of add-ons, leaving you with even higher expenses. Expensive plans could have a lot of things that go with the package that you don’t really need. Look for the most reasonable offer that includes almost everything that you see as completely necessary and start with that.

Remember that in choosing the perfect cloud storage provider, these factors should be considered as non-negotiable. These should be the things that would have the biggest impact on your final decision; everything else will just be an add-on.

Are there other important factors that you feel should also be considered before deciding on the best cloud storage provider for your business and professional needs?

What is the Importance of Cloud Storage for Universities?

If people were made to look back at how they stored data several years back, no doubt they would wonder how in the world they survived. For one, there were the diskettes that could only store the bare minimum of data then came the CDs and DVDs that took up whole albums and a whole lot of space. There were many more storage devices used and created but if you look at them, it is plain to see that they all held a certain inconvenience especially for students since they always needed to back up their work but worry anyway that physical damage could happen to their storage devices.

This is why the creation of cloud storage has everyone who understands it in cloud 9. After all, there is nothing more convenient than having your data exactly where you need it each and every time without having to worry about losing your flash drives. All you need is access to the internet and you can have access to your data and make any revisions you want.

This leads to the question: Should there be cloud storage for universities?

Cloud Storage for Universities

storage for universitiesUniversities and students have tons of data that need storing and protecting and while some may argue that there are already existing clouds that they can use, it must be said that they are just not enough. Below are some features that need to be incorporated for special cloud storage for universities:

Calendars –

Dropbox and other cloud storage services of its ilk are fantastic, no doubt about that but they are not exactly geared for students in that they have everything that university students may need to function. For cloud storage to truly work with an academic community, it will need special features such as a calendar that the school can access and update so that students never miss a thing.

Previewing for different file types –

Some cloud storage services are very picky in that they do not allow users to view a myriad of file types. This can be very irritating for university students and staff which is why if a cloud storage service were to be built to cater to universities and students, it needs to have the ability to preview and open different file types. This will save everyone a lot of aggravation for sure.

Restore feature –

Accidents happen even on the best of cloud storage facilities but a good cloud storage app should have a fool-proof restore function that can help students retrieve their 200-page theses without jumping through hoops.

In this day and age, there really is no room for flimsy USB sticks or other storage materials that can succumb to a myriad of reasons. University students and staff stand to gain a lot with the use of the cloud and this is why universities need to adapt cloud storage that are especially made for them. As a Uni student or staff, would you gladly make the switch to cloud storage if you haven’t already?

How to Make the Best Out of Hybrid Cloud Storage

hybrid cloud storageThese days, you can’t really go anywhere and not hear people talking about the cloud. When the technology was new, no one really knew what it was and there was only one kind of cloud. However, as the technology grew more and more, more types of clouds came about. Now, you have the private, the public, and the hybrid. Most people know what public and private clouds are but it is safe to say that not a lot of them have a clue as to what hybrid clouds are and what to do with them. If you run a business, you will want to know what this hybrid cloud is and how you can make the best out of it. Hybrid cloud storage might just change the way you run your business.

What is a Hybrid Cloud?

Before going deeper into this, it might be a good idea to get to know what a hybrid cloud is, just so you can clear up any misconception before you learn more about cloud storage tips.

A hybrid cloud is the kind of cloud technology wherein public and private cloud features are integrated so that an organization has access to the benefits of both. What this means is a company can save money by storing non-sensitive data on a public cloud while they can store more important information on a private cloud.

Below are some tips to help make hybrid cloud storage safer and more efficient.

Control all access to the cloud. When it comes to the information you store in your hybrid cloud, you cannot take any chances. You cannot go around thinking that since you are storing non-sensitive data on your hybrid cloud, anyone can just go in and have a look. You need to make sure that you control who has access to the cloud and what information they can get their hands on. Set up unique password identification protocols for each person who needs to access the cloud and make it clear what type of info they can and cannot access.

Assess all risks involved. If you want to rely on a hybrid cloud to store data for you, then you want to conduct a risk assessment for all the assets that you will be storing in the cloud. Your risk assessment should include definitions of all the risks, evaluations of the risk, and putting down a risk profile for every individual resource. More sensitive data are the ones that should be stored in a more private cloud environment.

Employ end-to-end security. Not only should you check the risks involved in your cloud, but you also need to look at the devices your employees use to access the cloud. It doesn’t matter how well you secure your computers if your employees access the cloud through public computers or other gadgets which are not their own.

What do you think of the hybrid cloud? Do you think you can make use of it for your own business and it will work? Share your thoughts in the comments!

How Cloud Storage Help Businesses Expand

cloud storage help businesses Starting a business is not easy because you have to start out small, and you have to make sure that you stand out and actually compete against other bigger businesses. The thing about business though is that in order to survive, the business should be able to expand, and the problem with expansion is if the small business owner doesn’t have enough money to do so.

Expanding a business is a very tiring and expensive endeavor and the thing that usually prevents most small companies from getting bigger is the fact that they lack money and resources. However, with the advent of cloud technology, it is now easier for small companies to expand their operations. Cloud storage help businesses save on storage costs. For small business owners, this is not an opportunity to be missed, so check out more about this below!

Who is doing it –Companies that want to expand their businesses might need multiple data centers but those cost a ton of money and small companies usually cannot afford them. This is where the cloud comes in. Companies that do not have money for multiple data centers can quickly set up a new location simply by getting in touch with a cloud storage provider because they will be the ones to store the data. Do not think this is only for mom-and-pop businesses that want to expand because even Ethernet switch start-up company Arista Networks makes use of a service from a cloud storage provider called Egnyte to back up all their computers and store their important data.  They also share files internally along with their customers and their partners.

How it works – If you are interested in this same thing for your business expansion, then you will want to know how to make it work. It is really easy – you get in touch with a cloud storage provider and they will usually have different plans for you to choose from. When you look at their plans, try to consider the ones that have room for expansion and flexibility since that is the whole reason you are turning to the cloud in the first place.  Once you have that set up, client software or passwords will give employees the ability to access corporate content wherever they might be stationed. There are some cloud service providers like Amazon that go above and beyond the call of service and make it a point to offer storage together with computing resources – this is a great option for places where bandwidth is pricey.

Potential for growth – Experts estimated that the revenue from cloud storage services totaled a whopping $2.7 billion back in 2009; by the time 2012 rolled in, it grew to a massive $12 billion. This shows that as the cloud storage service providers improve their services, more and more businesses are going to the cloud as well.

Because of the way cloud storage help businesses, if you are a business owner, you should seriously consider investing in one. Have you been thinking of expanding your business? Do you think that using the cloud can help you expand it? Share your thoughts below!

What are the Top 5 Cloud Computing Benefits?

cloud computing benefitsIn just a few short years, cloud computing has evolved from a buzz-word into what is now known as the future of the internet. It has turned from an interesting topic to ponder into something that pervades the everyday functions of businesses and lives of people. With all the cloud computing benefits that people and businesses can take advantage of, it is no wonder that cloud computing has reached the popularity that it has today. Check out the top uses of cloud computing and cloud computing benefits below!

File sharing and storage – Emails may be useful in sending files but it is safe to say that everyone knows the pain of trying to send a large file via email. This is one of the most common cloud computing benefits—people can send massive files without having to wait for it to upload in their email messages. It doesn’t stop there, too. Once you share a file via the cloud, you are also assured that it is stored there until you delete it.

Cloud database – Web apps need databases. In the past, this was a massive undertaking for web developers. For one, they had to set up their own databases and do the maintenance. In fact, tuning and managing a database is so complex that it takes a database administrator with very specific skills to do these. Cloud database delivers a powerful and scalable database for developers and IT personnel. Everything is done as a service—from tuning and monitoring to database software.

CRM – The cloud has a lot of benefits for businesses and this is the reason why more and more companies are starting to use the cloud for their mission-critical apps. CRMs, or Customer Relationship Management systems, are apps dealing with sensitive data: revenue and customer information. CRMs that are cloud-based are easy for IT and sales teams to use and as long as reliable cloud service providers are used, they are also extremely secure.

Email – This is an example of a mission-critical app that is fairly standardized and mature and is ripe for the move to the cloud. For the past several years, CIOs have stated their dream to outsource emails. On a more personal note, most people have been dependent on cloud-based email services for years and years now. If you use Gmail, Yahoomail or Hotmail, you have been using the cloud.

PaaS used for web apps – PaaS, also known as Platform as a Service, burst into the scene back in 2011 and was admittedly overhyped like all other buzzwords.  However, when it comes to PaaS, there is real value in the concept.  Using PaaS allows developers to host their own apps and not have to worry about servers. They just need to upload their apps and watch them run.

There are so many other uses for the cloud but these are the cherries on top. Whatever you use the cloud for it is safe to say that it is still the future of the internet and is likely to evolve into something bigger, better, and with more benefits.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Storage for Home and Office Use

benefits of cloud storageJust imagine the amount of data that you accumulate when you use your computer, laptop or mobile device on a daily basis. With their uses being both for personal stuff and for business, you will most definitely get to the point when you have no idea which files to delete just because you are running out of room for storage. The great news is you now have the option to maximize the benefits of cloud storage especially when everything seems to be too important to delete.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage allows you to save your data at a remote location. Basically, instead of you having to worry about having a bigger storage capacity or having extra equipment to be used as storage devices, you let other people worry about it for you. Using the internet, data is sent to an offsite server maintained by a cloud storage provider, freeing up valuable space in your hard drive. These pieces of data kept offsite are usually retrievable anytime you need it.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Storage?

Here are some of the benefits of using cloud storage both for personal and for business purposes:

Access anytime, anywhere. Cloud storage allows you to access your data no matter where you are and no matter what device you’re using. As long as you have a working internet connection, it’s easy to retrieve files that you need to work on without having to worry about bringing an external storage in case you need to switch from one device to another.

Instant backups. Cloud storage automatically backs up your data at regular intervals, keeping everything saved in case of downtime or outages. You can even modify the way your data is backed up depending on your preferences and needs.

Easy file sharing. Sending files does not mean having to send emails with large file attachments, nor would it mean having to pass on external hard drives or USB flash drives around. Cloud storage options let you give people access to your files with your authorization.

Instant expansion. If you need bigger storage space than what you are currently subscribed to, the process is usually very easy. Simply have your service upgraded and you should have instant access to more memory than you can use.

Lower costs. The need for bigger storage used to mean having to purchase expensive equipment just to accommodate the additional data. Compared to the cost of equipment though, the cost of an upgrade in your cloud storage subscription is definitely a lot lower.

Save on space. Using extra storage equipment would mean additional space around your work area. Using cloud storage however, would mean having the same storage capacity, without the need for a big space to put bulky servers in.

With the numerous of benefits of cloud storage, it definitely is turning out to be a better option than having a lot of traditional data storage systems lying around. Applicable for both home and office use, cloud storage has finally given you bigger and better solutions for your usual storage dilemmas.

A Great Alternative to Storing Your Files: Benefits of Cloud Storage

benefits of cloud storage It has to be said that the influx of technology people have today make their lives easier. One type of technology that is getting the buzz it so  rightly deserves has to be cloud storage.  It is the kind of technology that has allowed for even greater mobility in the lives of people that use it and for business, it has afforded them the chance to work better, faster, and more cheaper.

Indeed, the number of  benefits of cloud storage has brought about is quite impressive but if you happen to be a first time user of the cloud you may want to know  its most important benefits. Check out the top benefits of cloud storage below and make sure that you make use of them appropriately.

It allows for automatic synchronization of files – If you have ever lost a file or got your data deleted after hours of work, you know very well the kind of frustration that comes about. However, if you work with data that you save on the cloud, there is no need to worry about losing files in case of blackouts or internet interruptions because your file gets synched even as you work on it. According to Acronis, 75% of organizations experiences tape failure in 2013 and lost massive amounts of data. On the other hand, the chances of that happening to cloud storage are quite tiny.

Read-only settings – Sometimes when you have massive numbers of people sharing files on the cloud, chances are high that your documents can become tampered with and incorrect. However, cloud storage services usually have read-only options so that people who need to see information can access the files but they cannot touch the data contained within.

Space that grows with you – Those hard drives of yours might have come in handy but what happened when they ran out of space? You went out and bought a new one and thus added to the ones you have in your storage space. What is nice about the cloud is that it can become  big or small as you need it to be. This is a very welcome benefit of cloud storage especially for small businesses that are looking to expand their operations.

Security – Anyone can get their hands on those hard-drives of yours and access the information in them. The same cannot be said of the cloud. The main objective of cloud storage is to hold all your precious data and keep it secure at all costs. Only the people who have access to the cloud accounts can and check out files.

With all these benefits, it is not surprising that the number of people that are getting their heads in the cloud is growing. According to TheCloudInfographic close to 180 million people are now using the cloud and that number will just keep on growing as more and more companies get on the cloud. As cloud technology gets better and better it pays to watch out for other benefits that it can bring about.