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Do Unlimited Online Backup Services Come for Free?

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There’s no doubt about it – online backup plans are now considered as hot commodities with more and more people trusting the cloud to store and secure their data. Some people, however, store more data than a bunch of average people combined, which means that more often than not, the allotted space meant for them just doesn’t seem to be enough.

It’s a good thing there are unlimited online backup plans available online.

For Free, or for a Fee?

Yes, a lot of online backup services offer free services, which is perfect for those who are hoping to secure their data while still staying within their budget. If it’s unlimited online backup you’re looking for however, that’s a different story altogether.

Although there are so many backup services you can choose from, getting unlimited storage would mean paying a certain amount. Lucky for you, the plans are usually fairly reasonably priced.

Unlimited Online Backup Options

There are a lot of trusted names that offer unlimited backup services for a reasonable fee. Here are some of them:

* Backblaze – $5 a month for unlimited backup for a single computer, but becomes $3.96 a month if you pay for 2 years upfront.

* CrashPlan Unlimited – $5.99 a month, which becomes $5 a month if you prepay for the entire year.

* Carbonite – Carbonite has three unlimited backup plans available: Basic, Plus, and Prime. Basic comes at $5 a month, while Plus costs $8.33 a month. The Prime plan is worth $12.50 a month.

* SOS Personal Cloud – $6.67 a month for each computer if you pay for the entire year. This can go down to $5.83 a month if you pay for 2 years in advance.

With so many backup solutions to choose from, going unlimited won’t be a problem at all. Sure, you may be required to pay a small fee. But with the unlimited space and the topnotch security that usually comes with the package, then these deals don’t seem too bad, after all.

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What Makes Cloud Storage the Best Backup Solution

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A lot of people have always backed up their data manually. You may have done this process yourself, deciding on the medium (like a USB drive or an SD card), selecting the most relevant files, and copying them. This method is too big a task to do regularly and gets overlooked most of the time.

The best backup solution to deal with this issue is to use online backup or cloud storage like Drivepop. Cloud computing enhances backups to a completely different level, since it uses an expansive network of computers located remotely to maintain, process, and store files. There are various benefits and advantages to using cloud storage compared to the more conventional setup. This holds true for both personal and business purposes.

best backup solution

Here are three important personal use advantages for using cloud storage or online backup:

No dealing with software administration

– Given that all hardware and applications are situated and managed off-site, you don’t have to deal with updating your programs to their most current versions. The cloud storage provider will do it for you. You simply need to have internet access.

Sharing large data

– Cloud storage makes it incredibly easy to share even big computer files with your family, friends or colleagues. Instead of emailing each person one at a time with large attachments, it’s a lot easier to upload the needed files to cloud storage and just send them the correct link.

Remote data access

– If you’re traveling our out of the office, as long as you have internet access, you can access all of the data that you store on the cloud. This is a great way of sharing your travel photos or office documents, whether you’re just down the street or on a trip thousands of miles away.

Here are three significant benefits of cloud storage for business purposes:

It’s worth noting that all the benefits you can get from using online backup for personal use are also available for business use, and then some more.

Lower expenses

– Rather than buying software for every single computer that requires access to a program, the company can just subscribe to a Software as a Service solution. Essentially, the business is leasing the software and the resources necessary to operate and manage that software, enabling employees to have complete access without the need to buy multiple licenses.

Remote backup

– Due to the fact that the servers are situated somewhere off-site, this shields the company’s files against local problems and damages due to disastrous events like flooding or fire. Redundant file backups further add to this advantage.

Limitless scalability

– As the needs of the company grow, the cloud storage can scale to handle these increased requirements. For instance, a cloud storage may start out with a set amount of remote data storage. If the company requires more, then the easy solution is to upgrade the company’s plan. In addition to this, it ensures that the company won’t need to pay for more than it needs at any moment, lowering infrastructure expenses.

It’s tricky to paint the totality of cloud storage with a single, broad stoke since each vendor is unique. Nevertheless, it’s easy to attest that cloud storage has numerous benefits for both personal users and businesses of all sizes, making it the best backup solution. To prevent unnecessary downsides to this solution though, make sure to choose a cloud storage vendor that delivers redundancy, a significant number of guaranteed uptime, and sturdy security.

There are as many file backup choices as there are data backup needs. How do you decide on a service that suits your needs?

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