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What to Use as Backup Services for Mac Users

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backup services for Mac

Sure, your Mac’s Time Machine could serve as a backup option for you. However, the fact that it acts as just an additional hard drive, this also means that it is just as susceptible to hardware failure as any other component in your Mac. Anything as simple as a spilt glass of water or a sudden power surge could deem any data inside it useless. Even DVD Software for Mac has seen it’s day but is still a viable local solution. This is why aside from your Time Machine, you need to check out available backup services for Mac users. Here are a few options that you could consider:


. With packages starting at $4.95 a month (for a 2-year packjage), ZipCloud proves to be one of the most highly rated online backup providers for Mac. Working quietly in the background, it updates file after file without interfering with any of the work you are doing at the same time. The dashboard is very user-friendly, which is why a lot of individual users favor it over all the others. You can adjust its settings according to your preferences, such as the schedules that dictate when each backup will take place. It uses 256-bit AES encryption to keep your data secure as they transfer these data from your computer to their cloud servers. What could be a drawback is the fact that ZipCloud only offers email as an option for customer support, although they usually have people answering emails 24/7, which has worked pretty much for all their users. Try ZipCloud here


. Dropbox still is one of the biggest names in online backup services, even for Mac users. Your Dropbox folder acts just like a regular folder on your Mac, where you can save every file you have as long as you have space left in it. Although the free service only allows you to use up to 5GB, you could always upgrade to their personal and business packages that allow bigger storage and more options for personalization. Business packages start at $15 a month for unlimited storage for up to 5 users, while Dropbox Pro gives you up to 1TB of space for each user for only $9.99 a month. What Mac users have been complaining about are the number of updates to Dropbox, but as long as you ignore these updates and install them all in one go at least once a month, then there should be no problem at all. Try Dropbox here


. Mozy is one of the simplest backup solutions that you can use, which makes it perfect for those who want to keep things direct and uncomplicated. With packages starting at $5.99 each month, you can easily backup and restore files within your Mac. This is definitely not the service to choose however, if you are on a tight budget considering that the cheaper plans only come with limited features. Their pricing is not at all competitive with other similar services. For basic backup however, it works like a charm. Try Mozy here

These three backup services for Mac users are just among the few that you can try out, especially if you want to secure your files outside of your actual computer. You can also check out CrashPlan, LiveDrive, or BackBlaze if you want more services to compare.

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