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What to Use as Backup Services for Windows

backup services for Windows

Everybody has information in their computer that they want to secure, especially if you work on sensitive data that could never be compromised. This makes it important to have a backup service that you can trust to keep your data in case your computer suffers from any hardware issues that could leave the physical machine useless, or from human error that could delete some of your most important files permanently. There are a number of backup services for Windows that you can try. Here are some of them to help you get started:


What could be the biggest appeal that iDrive has for all its existing users is the fact that it makes the entire setup process very easy. You can also use an unlimited number of devices for a single account, which makes it perfect for those who do not only have multiple devices, but also work from a number of different places at any given time. This means that no matter where you are and which computer you use, you could easily backup each file without bringing an external device with you. Other features include disk image backup, continuous syncing, integration into your file explorer, and file archiving. What could be the only downside to it is the fact that it has a slightly slower performance than other backup services for Windows. Despite this fact, the long list of features more than make up for it, especially when you look at the price tag attached to it. A basic 5GB package comes for free, but a personal plan with up to 1TB of space is available for $44.62 a year.


Considering the fact that it offers unlimited storage for as low as $4 a month for each computer (for a 4-years subscription), you could safely say that CrashPlan offers some of the most affordable packages you will ever find. You can even go for the Family plan that covers up to 10 computers at only $9 a month. The interface is well-designed, and upload speeds are definitely faster than the others. Its security is also among the strongest around. It could have been the complete package if only integration with file explorer were available though, or if there were more options for web and mobile interfaces. However, these drawbacks are also the main reason why the system is less prone to security breaches, so you’re going to have to decide which features matter the most to you.

SOS Online Backup

Imagine having every single file you’ve ever had still existing long after you’re gone. This is what SOS promises, with every single file and file version saved into their archives and never deleted. The interface is intuitive, and you have the option to back up network and local drives. All these features come at a price though, as this is also one of the most expensive packages you’ll find. The speeds are the fastest in the industry though, which could make the cost more than worth it.

These three backup services for Windows users should be a good start for you. You can also try Carbonite, SpiderOak, BackBlaze, or OpenDrive if you want more options.