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How to Use the Backup and Recovery Tools of Windows 10

When it comes to backup and recovery, Windows 10 definitely has everything you need. It’s a cool mix of all the familiar Windows tools that you have probably used in their past operating systems and some new ones that make the overall experience even better.

File History

File History is a backup and recovery tool you have probably seen (and enjoyed immensely) in Windows 8. Where Windows 7 only featured backup features through the Control Panel, File History in Windows 8 and Windows 10 takes it a few levels higher by making it available in Settings as well.

Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore is something that Windows 7 users might remember. The tool can be found inside Window 10’s Control Panel. Or to make things easier, just search for “backup” and it’s the first thing that shows up.

Reset This PC

In case you find the need to go back to your default operating system’s state, the “Reset this PC” option is the best way to do recovery. Simply go to Settings, choose Update & Security, click on Recovery, and find Reset this PC. Click the Get Started button to set things in motion.

System Image Backups

For old Windows users, one thing that they missed using is the System Image Backup, as this was a hidden feature on Windows 8. Well, it’s back out in the open for Windows 10 users. Just go to your Control Panel, click on Backup and Restore (Windows 7) under System and Security, then click on “Create a system image” at the left side of the panel.

There are a number of other backup and recovery tools you can use on Windows 10 the more you explore the system. You can use OneDrive, Advanced Startup Options, or Recovery Drive Creator aside from the options outlined above.