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Backing Up Your Android Data

3062867240_905baeafee_oHow often do you backup your Android data? If you’re like most people, you hardly ever do, if you do it at all.

It’s also likely that you use your Android phone quite a bit. You have notes on it. You have photos on it. You may even have some precious videos. Losing all of these things could end making you very upset.

This is why it’s important that you make a point to back up Android data. Not only once, but twice.

How to Make the First Copy

To make the first copy, simply connect your device to your computer. Use the USB cord that came with your phone.

To get it to connect, swipe the main menu on the phone. Tap the “USB connection.” This will start the connection to the computer.

The next step is to select “USB Mass Storage.” Once you do that, tap on OK.

This is when you should see the drive or “Removable Disk” on your computer. Simply open this drive to find all of the files on your phone.

Take the files from this drive and move it to your computer. You can organize it better by making a folder, and then putting all of the files in that folder.

That’s it! You have your first backup of your Android device.

What You Should Do a Second Backup

Having your backup on your computer isn’t as safe as you think it is nowadays. Computers fail and data gets lost. That means that if you have your Android backup on your computer, you could lose it, just as you could lose it on your phone if it gets lost.

To really protect your Android data, you have to back it up twice, or at least keep one copy on the web using online backup services. This is the only way you can ensure you will have the files, if and when, you need them.

How to Back Up an Android Backup

It’s easy to back up your Android backup. All you need is the online backup services software from TAPNET.

You’ll have a folder that is connected to your online backup server. Whenever you want to save something to it, you’ll be able to do it easily by dropping the files into the folder. Immediately, everything will upload to the server.

Whenever you need the backup copy, simply bring up the folder that connects to the web server to access it on your computer. If you can’t use your computer, go to the secure website to access the files by signing into it.

Those files will remain on that server for as long as you need it to stay there. It’s 100% secure, and you’ll be so happy you decided to do it if you ever end up needing it.

Image courtesy of Flickr – avlxyz