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How to Improve Email Security by Using Different Email Addresses

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email securityHaving just a primary email address to use to register for different online accounts is good, but being wise with how you use your active email addresses is even better. Being mindful of email security can help you take better care of your online identity. Here are some tips when it comes to improving email security so that you can protect yourself better online:

Use a separate email for bank accounts – There is now a multitude of banking options for today’s society, and being able to check your accounts online is possible as well. You can do this by registering for their online banking services, but you cannot do so without a valid email. Since you will be connecting your email to a bank account—something which is of real value and can impact your finances should something ever go wrong, you must use an email which you use only for the purpose of banking transactions. This way, you lessen the risks of getting spam mail, or leaving it open in computer shops when you answer personal emails. Try to restrict the use of your banking email for just banking purposes, and make sure that you have a strong password for this email.

Separate your work and personal email – This should be a given, but there are times when people tend to overlook this. Have an email account you use strictly for work, and another one strictly for personal purposes. You can also open another one strictly for your social media sites to improve further on your email security. This helps you become a more organized professional by seeing only work-related emails at work and not being distracted by personal emails from friends or family. By separating your work and personal email, you are setting a clear line on how you use your email inbox, and you are also able to keep things more organized especially for work.

Have an email which you use for online registration purposes – You know what it’s like—you register for an account online and you will get notifications of every little thing that happens after you have activated your account. When you use your personal email for online registration purposes, you will have that tendency of clogging your inbox with notifications you really don’t read. This may lead to not being able to notice personal or work email if you use the same email for registration purposes. Because of this, it would be good to have an account which you use solely for online registration purposes.

Make sure you remember your alternate email address details – When you sign up for different accounts, you will be asked for an alternate email address to which they will send information if you forget the details for your new account, so make sure you remember the alternate email address you use. Better yet, use a single alternate email address so that you know which email to run to for recovery purposes.

By having multiple email addresses for different purposes, plus updating your password every once in a while, and checking your inbox to make sure everything is still okay, you will benefit from these email security practices!

What did you think of today’s article? Feel free to comment below and share your best email security practices!

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How to Be Secure with an Alternate Email Address

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alternate email addressYour email allows you to register for profiles, gain access to an online inbox, get in touch with people from all over the world, and have a reliable online mode of communication. However, there are some people who wish to do you harm for personal gain and targeting your email security is one of their tactics. Because of this, you must be prepared for consequences which may affect your online use. One of the ways to do so is to have an alternate email address.

What is an Alternate Email Address?

An alternate email is another active email account which email providers ask you for in case you lose track of your current email address’s password. Upon registration, you will be asked to provide an alternative email address to which your password and other log-in details will be sent in case you forget or have troubles signing in to your new email account.

Qualities of a Good Alternate Email Address

Your alternate email may be something you use actively for other purposes, or something you created for the sole purpose of being an alternate email. The qualities it must have are:

A strong password – Your password for this alternate email should be strong and hard to figure out in case it is used for verifying a person’s identity when trying to access your other email account.

Active – Although something which is attributed to you and not the email itself, the alternate email must be active. You should regularly check it and comply with whatever security measures the email provider asks you to do.

Updated – This is something that you do on your end as well. If you want to ensure that you won’t lose your contacts, add them as contacts to your alternate email. This way, you can notify them from your alternate email if anything unfortunate happens to your other email which you regularly use to get in touch with them. Take some time to add the most important contacts you have to your alternate email so that if bad scenarios turn worse, you can easily inform the people you need to inform.

Benefits of Having an Alternate Email Address

An alternate email is another way of verifying your identity. This way, it helps counter identity theft. Just make sure that you know all the security answers for the alternate email and that you won’t forget the password.

Should something ever happen to your primary email address like getting a suspicious email and having it hacked—you can still notify people you need to contact when you have an active alternative email that has your contacts as well. This allows you to warn them if ever they receive anything from the other email account which you no longer have control of.

Overall, an alternate email allows you to still have control over your accounts if something unexpected happens. It would mean an extra level of security for your primary email address and more protection for your online mode of communication!

How do you maintain your email security? Do you have an alternative email? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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