Some Popular Myths about Cloud Storage

It’s normal for people to jump into the wrong conclusion when they come across something new. Of course, with the rise in popularity of cloud backup in the past few years, it’s only normal to hear that a few myths being passed around from ear to ear.

Here are some of them:

1. Cloud backup is very expensive.

Yes, there was a time when cloud backup was not a practical for personal users. It was mainly a business product, something that would be way out of your budget if you’re only thinking about your personal files. However, as the demand for it grew, the belief that cloud backup is expensive has slowly turned into a debunked myth. Today, you can get an extensive online backup plan for a price that fits anybody’s budget.

2. A single backup is enough.

Sure, you’ve placed all your files in an external disk. You should be safe enough now, right? Wrong!

Remember that as long as your copies are found in physical storages, there will always be a higher risk of exposure to security threats, as well as to natural threats like fire or flooding. No matter how confident you are about your existing backup, investing in a great cloud service could be the best decision you have ever made to keep your files safe.

3. Backing up and retrieving your files takes forever.

Your backup and retrieval process is also dependent on your existing internet connection. Do if you know that your internet connection is stable and fast enough, then you have nothing to worry about in terms of speed of backup and retrieval.

These are just three of the many myths that you might encounter along the way. But no matter how convincing some of the myths are, don’t fall for them easily. After all, the cloud backup industry wouldn’t have gotten this big if others have not yet proven these myths wrong.