Security for Your Email Past Your Computer

security for your email Most people will agree that one of the very best ways to protect themselves is to secure their email accounts. This means they become very careful with the links they open and the passwords they use. After all, secure passwords are the first line of defense for all email accounts. If you are serious about your email account, it is safe to say that you probably have a very strong password in place that is made up of letters, numbers, and even symbols. However, one thing you need to know is that security for your email isn’t just about passwords and virus scanners; it is also about making sure that your computer is clean and that there are no viruses and malware just gearing up to attack your private information.  If you want to make sure security for your email is at its best, below are some things you need to know.

Basic Tips and Info

Use a good antivirus. You may be using an email virus scanner to check each and every email that you receive but what good does that do when the threat is in your computer? While it is a good idea to have a special virus scanner to check your emails, it is also a good idea to have an antivirus for your entire PC. This way, it can warn you of any phishing scams or viruses that are stealing passwords and other sensitive information you are protecting.

Install good spyware. This is another very important security measure that you need to put in your computer. This protects your PC from spyware like Keylogger which can steal all your information—yes, that includes your hyper-secure email password. Face it—that complicated password of yours will not be any good if some spyware gets it and spreads it to nefarious elements that will hack your account. When you install spyware and you already have an antivirus in place, you might want to observe how they interact with each other.

Tips for when You are Out and About

Always log out. If you are outside your house and you use a public PC to check your mail, make sure you log out when you are done. So many people have been victims of hacking simply because they forget to log out of their accounts. Always, always log out of your account and make sure that little “remember me” box is unchecked.

Secure your Wi-Fi. You might think viruses can only be spread by way of computers and email but you need to know that experts are warning of Wi-Fi-borne viruses as well. Never use a Wi-Fi connection that you do not trust.

It always pays to be careful especially when your email is involved. If you want to know more about how you can protect your email wherever you go, try to check out this link right here. It features tons of tips on how you can protect your email at work and in other settings as well for your own peace of mind.

Do you think these tips will help you? Has your email ever been hacked? Let us know all about it here!

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