Creating Channels Correctly

This is a very important step to ensure Advertisers can find and target your website correctly.


Channels Are Created By Our Admin Team. You must submit the details below via email so we can create the channels. When our Admin Team creates the channels, they become visible to our Advertisers so they can target your site with specific ads.

Publisher Channels

In Your Publisher Account, the Publisher URL Channels ARE NOT FOR Advertiser Targeting, They Are ONLY For Publisher Reporting. Targeting Channels can only be created by TAPNET Admin team.

Steps To Create Channels

1. Register As A Publisher
2. Decide On Your Site Locations You Want Advertisers To Target.
3. Email Channel Names to using Naming Standard below.
4. Wait For Admin to respond and approve Channels.
5. Create New Ad Code OR Edit Existing Ad Code
6. Step 2, Content Channels, select YOUR Channel and click Save.
NOTE: If you have already created your ad code and placed it on the site then you do NOT need to update ad code on the site. If this is a new Ad Code, then you will place the Ad Code in the specified Channel Location.

The following name standards are available to use when creating the name of your channels. This will ensure when an advertiser is selecting Channels for their Ads, that there is no hesitation and/or delay in getting ads published as quickly as possible.

Channel Naming Standards

The Channel Name will consist of 4 components, each component will contain detail separated by ‘~’ or ‘-‘.

Once all components are selected the Channel Name should look like this:×600~Right~Site Wide

1st Component
The 1st component will be your website address eg:
Do not include http:// or www. This is for display only, it will not be a link. Channels appear in alphabetical order. Adding http or www will cause your website to appear in the H or W section and advertisers may not find your channel.

The additional component options are as follows, please use these as closely as possible to help the advertiser avoid confusion. If an option isn’t listed and should be, please email us so we can add it to this chart.

Next 3 components

IAB Size
On Page Area
Pages Displayed
Full Banner 468×60
Half Banner 234×60
Leaderboard 729×90
Skyscraper 120×60
Wide Skyscraper 160×600
Wide Skyscraper 2 160×400
Vertical Banner 120×240
Button 125×125
Medium Rectangle 300×250
Square Box 250×250
Small Rectangle 180×150
Large Rectangele 336×280
Site Wide