Publisher Payout Schedule

Payout Frequency

Publishers are paid out on 2nd Monday of each month automatically without need for request when balances surpass payout minimums.

Payout Options

Paypal ( – On balances over $100 On balances over $50
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Channel Targeting

Full Instructions Here: Creating Channels
Advertisers have the ability to select your site using Channels. After registering, make sure to setup Channels for each area where Ads will be displayed with a simple description so Advertisers can understand and find the Ad location on your site. If possible place the Channel Name in the area on the page so Advertisers can easily identify the name of the location that corresponds to the channel name.

Increased Payout Rate

Remuneration also comes from volume and we believe the better you are the more you should make. We will not be able to evaluate your site continuously, the initial payout rate will be set when your site is approved. If your PR increases, kindly contact us to have your site stats reviewed and adjusted accordingly.

Decreased Payout Rate

We periodically review CTR% and Traffic Conversions and if we find that your traffic is consistently has CTR% below 0.01% or Traffic Conversion Rate less than 1% the Payout Rate will be lowered to 10%. It will be your responsibility to monitor your Payout Rate and request reviews periodically.

Publisher Payout Schedule

Home Page Rank
Monthly Ad Impressions
Payout %
CTR% < 0.01% Traffic Conversion < 1%10%
PR0and Under 50k25%
PR1and Over 50k40%
PR2and Over 200k50%
PR3and Over 300k60%
PR4and Over 400k70%
PR5+and Over 500k75%

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