What are the Pros and Cons of Free Cloud Storage?

free cloud storageThe internet has changed a lot of things for today’s society. It had made even storage more convenient for individuals or business owners because there is now free cloud storage available for everyone. Depending on the needs of the user, one can opt for either free or paid cloud storage. A lot of people however, go for free cloud storage mainly because it is free, and it usually functions as effectively as paid cloud storage does. There are some pros and cons of using free online storage though, and depending on the purpose as well as the demands of the users, free cloud storage can be something they may or may not fully enjoy.

The Pros of Free Cloud Storage

It’s free – This is pretty much a given, but its being free is a huge help to those who are trying to save up on storage costs. Some small businesses which have some files to keep even have extra storage space which makes use of utilities. By saving these into digital copies through a free online storage provider, a business can save costs which would usually go into maintaining that storage room.

It’s ideal for saving files for recordkeeping or backup – Say you still prefer having hard copies of documents. Using online storage which comes for free serves as a great backup should some accident ever happen to your copies. Think of it as a method of risk management concerning your important files.

It’s easily accessible – Even when you’re out of the workplace and you need access to some records, you can easily do so when you have cloud storage.

The Cons of Free Cloud Storage

Storage limit – There is usually a storage limit from free storage providers, and these range from 2GB to 5GB depending on what they offer. Some even have deals where if you are able to invite an X number of people to use their services, you can get an upgrade. Because of the storage limit, free storage is ideal for those who only have a few files to save, and not those which have extensive digital information on hand.

Security – Even free storage has security, but it is said that since it is free, there are certain loopholes which make it more prone to external attacks. Because of this, free storage is only ideal for those who do not have private files about clients or those that does not have sensitive information should there ever be security threats that will affect the files.

Dependent on the Internet – You cannot access your files if you do not have access to the Internet, and for some, this poses quite an inconvenience. Though there are workarounds to this problem, this is one of the cons of having all your files stored online. If your connection has problems, you won’t be able to access your files at all.

Consider these pros and cons before choosing which kind of cloud storage would be most beneficial for you. Have you had positive or negative experiences from free cloud storage? Share them in the comments section, we’d love to hear about them!