What are the Pros and Cons of Cloud Service for SMB?

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Small to medium businesses now enjoy using online backup services. This is all thanks to bigger bandwidth at lower costs. Cloud storage has become a popular option compared to external hard drives and portable media.

Any cloud service for SMB is just like other company tools. It has its own sets of pros and cons.


It is reliable.

Cloud providers innovate to safely store and save company data. Most services are certified to safely backup, compress, encrypt, duplicate and store files. Providers also manage and monitor your data round-the-clock.

This level of efficiency has financial benefits for SMBs. The cloud provider is responsible for the backup structure. Because of this, the SMB has less to worry about and spend on.

It is scalable.

A cloud service for SMB takes advantage of the vast scalability of online backup. Here, there is no need to shell out more funds. Most providers use a pay-as-you-go system, which greatly cuts budget problems. This method allows businesses to make operational costs easier to manage.

It gives easy access.

Cloud services are a godsend to SMBs. They lessen maintenance needs for their disaster recovery methods. Offsite file copies are accessible from any place or any device. This provides security and added insurance in case of emergency or disaster.


Data seeding takes time.

The first full data backup can be time-consuming. Of course, this also depends on the storage capacity of the service provider. It may affect production systems of the business during data seeding. This may happen during full recovery of company data as well.

There are size limits.

There are cloud service providers that offer “unlimited storage”. However, most have a limit for daily bandwidth availability. This size limitation may impact backup procedures when the business expands.

Ending a contract takes time.

Ending a cloud contract often involves a lengthy process. This is also true for trial runs. Some cloud service for SMB providers even charge a fee for cancellation.

There are security risks.

Most backup packages provide airtight security. But relying on a third-party service when it comes to sensitive company data can be an issue.

SMBs need to make sure they do business with a reputable service provider. This will allow them to fully enjoy the benefits of online backup.

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