Why Pay When There is Free Cloud Storage?

free cloud storageThe online world offers a plethora of choices when it comes to products, services, and whatnots. Because of this, there are paid and free versions of online services as well. For businesses which want to make the most out of the technological advancements available today, becoming cost-efficient while getting the most that they can from a service provider is a must.

Cloud Storage for Businesses

Cloud storage for businesses is one of the many ways that businesses nowadays are advancing. This makes use of remote servers where digital information can be stored for reference or sharing. Anything that the business does which is saved into cloud storage services can be viewed and accessed by anyone who is authorized as long as they have access to the Internet. This makes it a convenient way to update and sync files especially when last minute changes need to be made but employees have already gone home.

Free cloud storage is something that businesses may choose to go for because you don’t have to pay for extra services. Cloud storage also eliminates the need for stacks of paper records or hard copies that occupy space and need maintenance. Since cloud storage is a great way to maximize space used for the business itself and not have to dedicate a whole room for paperwork, it is beneficial in the sense that the business space is used for productivity instead of storing files only.

Who Should Use Free Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage allows several authorized people to view, edit, and share the files to other individuals. Sharing files stored in the cloud makes it possible for businesses to expand—by allowing potential business partners from far locations to see some of the information which is necessary for business transactions.

Free cloud storage is beneficial for those who keep files which are generally not sensitive in nature. For personal use, free storage is better than the paid ones since it also offers a good amount of security for private files like photos, videos, and documents.

For businesses however that have more sensitive information such as folder after folder of client files and business records, paid cloud storage may offer additional privacy and security features that free storage does not have. While both are generally secure, the additional layer of security that paid storage offers will benefit bigger businesses. Usually, paid cloud storage service providers also offer bigger space compared to free ones, so those who have a lot of information to store would benefit from this kind of service.

To Pay or Not to Pay?

Basically, the answer to this would depend on how much you are willing to spend, how many files you need to store, and how sensitive the information you have is. Usually, there are varying rates when it comes to cloud storage and finding one which suits your budget is possible. For personal use, free services offer sufficient storage space, but for business and more professional needs, paid cloud storage is usually the better choice.