VMware Backup

Over 50% of business server workloads are now virtualized, and within 18 months this will grow to a staggering 86%. But why allow for wasted time and money spent as your number of VMs multiply? Tapnet offers a powerful new VMware backup solution that enables our channel partners to quickly and easily protect data in complex VMware environments. Tapnet offers vSphere and vCenter integration as well as de-deduplication for highly efficient backups. Manage it all from a single unified dashboard, at a compelling price that allows for high margin opportunity

  • image-VMWare-server-215x99Backup any number of virtual machines simultaneously with host-level, agent-less technology
  • Restore to any VM host if source VM host is offline
  • Onsite backup for fast recovery and cloud replication for disaster recovery
  • One Dashboard to backup virtual environments, physical servers and endpoints


Save Time

An agent-based VMware backup approach becomes time consuming and costly. The installation, configuration, scheduling, backup, and reporting time multiplies as virtual machines are added to the environment. Any modifications must be done manually along with any virtual machines that move between host environments. Save time with a host-based approach that completely eliminates these issues.

  • Install, schedule, run and report on one backup module across all VMs on all VSphere hosts
  • Apply backup policies across all VMs simultaneously
  • Automatically detect new and migrated VMs


Save Money

image-agent-vs-host-vmware-315x263Why spend hours on a restore that should be done in minutes or even seconds? Don’t leave your customers’ vulnerable to costly downtime and unneeded expense. Tapnet VMware Backup allows for massive quantities of data to be protected quickly, de-dupulicated, and sent to the cloud securely.

  • One fee for each host, good for all VMs on that host
  • Use CBT to skip unused sections of VMDKs and do differential and incremental backups of VMs to reduce on-premise storage costs
  • Track migrating VMs to eliminate unnecessary full backups


Reduce Risk

A host-level approach means that you don’t have to install an agent on each virtual machine individually. The Tapnet VMware Backup module offers a one-step restoration process that restores files quickly and minimizes the risks of downtime. You set your own margin in reselling to your end customers with our completely turn-key solution.

  • Auto-detect new VMs and include in backups
  • Auto-track migrating VMs, backups uninterrupted
  • 1-step restore in minutes, business continuity ensured
  • Look inside virtual disks, restore individual files/folders quickly

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