Tier Three

Tier three data centers

Tier three data centers do not include cooling water supplies. They do, however, include all other features of tier four data centers.

  • Physical Security:24x7x365 onsite monitoring and physical security, including biometric identification mechanisms
  • Power: two or more power supplies from different power providers
  • Onsite generators and reserve fuel supplies
  • Bandwidth: Redundant 1 Gpbs (minimum) connections to the public internet supplied by tier 1 bandwidth vendors
  • Cooling: Redundant cooling (air conditioning) systems
  • Fire Suppression: Redundant automated fire suppression systems
  • Data Replication: SOS stores data redundantly within the center, and/or offsite depending on deployment

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Tier three availibility for user

Tier 3 composed of multiple active power and cooling distribution paths, but only one path active, has redundant components, and is concurrently maintainable, providing 99.982% availability
As the most critical part of business, an organization needs to ensure 100% availability for its data center. This is why building a data center according to tier 3 data center specifications ensures a certain assured level of availability or uptime.
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Specifications for a tier three data center

A data center built according to tier 3 data center specifications should satisfy two key requirements: redundancy and concurrent maintainability. It requires at least n+1 redundancy as well as concurrent maintainability for all power and cooling components and distribution systems.
A component’s lack of availability due to failure (or maintenance) should not affect the infrastructure’s normal functioning. These specifications have to be met only from the power, cooling and building infrastructure fronts till the server rack level. Tier 3 data center specifications do not specify requirements at the IT architecture levels. By leveraging the following steps, your data center’s power supply infrastructure can meet the tier 3 data center specifications.
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